We all know about Wednesday flip nights at Faegan’s and happy hour at DJ’s. Most students on our campus, however, haven’t heard about some new offers that the local bars are hosting. These specials will keep you on budget while still maintaining a packed social calendar.

Harry’s Wine and Karaoke Night

Photo by Laura Palladino

Every Wednesday, that lovely bar located in the basement of CVS, will now be having a karaoke and wine night. Select bottles of wine are only $10! The buzz from that cheap bottle of Pinot will surely numb your ears to that horribly tone deaf Mariah Carey wannabe.

Feagan’s $3 Drafts

Photo by Laura Palladino

Yes, we all love the occasional free beer at flip night and we hope to finish the beer tour at Faegan’s Pub (unlikely). But, I bet you didn’t know about Thursday nights at Faegan’s. Drafts are only $3! On normal nights, some of their beers can be double that.

Dj’s No Cover Wednesdays

As of last week, DJ’s On the Hill will no longer be charging cover on Wednesdays. Although Chuck’s Cafe doesn’t either, feel free to switch it up some nights. After all, it wouldn’t kill you to try DJ’s new “club scene” at least once.

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