Spending a night in while binge-watching Netflix and gorging on Ben and Jerry's has become our generation's ultimate expression of indulgence. It is the guilty pleasure that everyone wants as a part of their weekend, whether during the day or night. However, I think it is time to ask ourselves a very important question about this pop culture phenomena: Can't we do better for ourselves, especially when it comes to dinner and a movie?

Now, I enjoy spending three hours marathoning a season of Frasier or House of Cards just as much as the next person, but lately the process has become boring. There's only so much TV I can watch, and picking a movie that is worthwhile often takes longer than the film itself. Another aspect that desperately needs a makeover is the cuisine that goes with our down time.

Instead of quick snacks or take-out, try cooking a hearty dinner that pairs perfectly with a movie. Below are four ways to get started on making movie night better, without the hassle of complicated recipes or the disappointment associated with a mediocre flick.

1) Goodfellas with Prison Tomato Sauce

Starting things off with a Martin Scorsese's oscar winning gangster classic has many great culinary moments from which to draw inspiration. Uncle Paul's family dinners, veal cutlets, or eggplant with olives and celery all tie in with famous scenes from the film. But, there is only one recipe that is indispensable when it comes to Goodfellas: the prison tomato sauce.

The famous scene depicts Henry, Uncle Paul, Vinnie, and Johnny Dio cooking a "typical" dinner in the slammer that would make anyone jealous of the food. As for the sauce, never go easy on the onions—the subtle sweetness and depth of flavor is all thanks to them. For the recipe, I've just decided to include the one Catherine Scorsese concocted herself, because it's just better not to mess with the original.

2) Casablanca with Ham and Eggs

Next up is a movie that many refer to as one of the finest films ever created, paired with one of the simplest dishes you can make. This classic starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman made both stars household names and set the standard for romantic dramas for decades to come.

However, ham and eggs seems unremarkable when compared to such a film and holds no relevance whatsoever to the plot. So, why breakfast for dinner? Simply put, this diner classic was Bogart's favorite meal, perfect for an early morning hangover after an evening at the bar.

For preparation, simply cook two sunny side up eggs and pair with a piece of seared country ham. If you're feeling especially fancy, tack on a gin martini, Humphrey's beverage of choice for much of his life.

3) Pulp Fiction with a "Big Kahuna Burger"

"This is a tasty burger! I guess only Samuel L. Jackson can make those five words sound so intimidating at a morning breakfast table. In any case, Quentin Tarantino's eye opening masterpiece has Samuel Jackson, John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman, and a host of other characters come together within a host of stories centered around various plots for redemption and greed

With memorable scenes and colorful personalities bursting from the seams, Pulp Fiction provides plenty of one-liners sure to stick with you long after watching. To make sure you don't go hungry during the movie's impressive three hour run time: the Big Kahuna burger.

This perfect partner in crime that has enough flavor to compete with some of the sauciest lines the film serves up thanks to sautéed red onions and grilled pineapple.

4) Some Like it Hot with Ice Cream Sundaes

Listed by the American Film Institute as the funniest movie of all time, Some Like it Hot is chock full of situational and slapstick comedy that does not feel dated or tired despite the fact that the film was released over half a century ago. Talents like Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe, and Tony Curtis turn this movie into a wild and entertaining comedy that does not dissipate as the movie runs on; in fact, the level of hilarity escalates.

While both Lemmon and Curtis give fantastic performances, Marilyn Monroe steals the show at her finest. She is the inspiration for the treats that go with the laughs. Famous for somewhat bizarre tastes, Monroe's breakfast of choice was a glass of milk mixed with two raw eggs. Marilyn also enjoyed a good ice cream sundae more than just about anyone.

Hopefully these recipes are just the start of a new way to spend date night or the weekends, and there are plenty of ideas out there just waiting to be found. So the next time you're planning to just Netflix and chill, take it to the next level and engage your palette while satisfying your movie craving.