Even the most dedicated coffee purists need to mix it up. Switching up the process of making coffee can brighten your day just as much as the caffeine rush itself. Here are seven tested recipes and ideas for innovative ways to make coffee, all without the fuss of a conventional coffee maker. 

1. Cold Brew It

A craving for iced coffee doesn’t need to be satisfied by a sudden trip to Dunkin’ Donuts. Anticipate your inevitable need for a cool rush of caffeine and prepare a week’s worth of iced coffee ahead of time with this easy cold brew. Just add 2 tablespoons coarsely-ground coffee to a mason jar with 1 ¼ cups of water and let sit for at least 12 hours, then strain and enjoy.

2. Use a Moka Pot

coffee, tea, beer
Amelia Bowen

This Italian coffee pots spits out some of the richest espresso a person can make without a $200 space-age drink machine. Fill the bottom of the pot with cold water and add coffee grounds to the filter, then set on the stove and let the heat do the rest. Perfect for those of us not permitted to operate (or unable to afford) electric coffee and espresso makers. 

3. Make Arabic Coffee

coffee, tea, beer
Amelia Bowen

This rich and flavorful drink is traditionally made on a stovetop with a special pot, but can be made in a regular sauce pan fairly well. Flavored with cardamom and sugar, Arabic coffee is a delicious and comforting way to appreciate some of the delicacies of the Middle East. Read Bint Rhoda’s detailed explanation of how Arabic coffee is traditionally made here

4. Freeze Your Coffee

Dylan Barth

Freezing coffee allows for the creation of the perfect iced pick-me-up. To make coffee with the boldest flavor possible, add a few cubes to whole milk for a quick iced latte or to traditional iced coffee to avoid diluting it with ice melt.

5. Booze It Up With Irish Coffee

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Balim Tezel

Probably not great for mornings, but delicious all the same. Add a splash of Bailey’s and a tablespoon of brown sugar to hot coffee, then top it with whipped cream and you've got a sweet and easy kick when you need it. Drink from a chalice (or whatever cup you happen to have on hand).

6. Make Mocha 

coffee, espresso, tea
Amelia Bowen

The insanely rich combination of Kahlúa, cocoa mix, half-and-half, and hot coffee is a perfect grown-up hot chocolate for winter weather. Play with the ratios until you find the perfect balance between sweet and savory, then enjoy by a crackling fire. 

7. Flavor Your Own Coffee

coffee, cinnamon, tea, espresso, cappuccino
Amelia Bowen

Adding a teaspoon of spice to coffee grounds before you brew it adds flavor without muting the taste of the coffee. Add cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, or cayenne (just a few ideas) to give your coffee a flavorful kick, then brew on the stove or with a French press to maintain the flavor.

As glorious as it is on its own, there's no better way to enjoy coffee than to find its best companions. Be it brewing it without a machine or adding in some other flavors, each of these ways to make everyone's favorite beverage is a great way to diversify how you indulge. Make coffee the right way by mixing it up with a fresh brew.