Ah, it is finally February. The month of love. In just two weeks, it will be Valentine's Day. I know this is a dreaded holiday for some and a favorite for others, but what really matters this Valentine's day and every day is showing your love to yourself and to others. One of my favorite ways to show my love is by baking, so whether you are spending the day with someone you love, people you love, or alone, these love inspired recipes for valentine's day will surely sweeten the day.

1. Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

This is a classic treat for Valentines day. Buying them pre-made tends to get super expensive, but following this recipe is insanely simple, will save you money and can be decorated and customized as your heart desires. Try this classic recipe or this chocolate-vodka infused recipe.  

2. Raspberry Meringue Hearts

Meringue is very simple, yet impressive and classy. To make it, you whip up egg whites, then flavor them before baking to fluffy, crispy cloud perfection. This recipe ties in almonds and raspberries for a pretty pink color, and the meringue is easily shaped into a heart to show that it was baked with love. See the recipe here. 

3. Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies

Cocoa, red - the color of love and passion - and sugar. How could you go wrong here? Try these red velvet sandwich cookies this Valentine's day. 

Happy February and happy baking, Spoon University!