Everyone in New York City has heard of the famous chocolate restaurant, Max Brenner. If you haven’t, then I highly suggest you crawl out from under the subway grate you’re living under.

From the same mastermind that created Max Brenner, there is a new and ever so popular chocolate cafe, Blue Stripes.

Master chocolatier Oded Brenner is a real-life Willy Wonka, as he brings various chocolate confections to this smaller, more intimate cafe with the same passion for all things cacao. And the icing atop the chocolate cake? He created this store as a dedication to his daughter, with many small notes and heartwarming dedications to her written on various items throughout the shop.

Upon stepping into this cozy chocolate cafe, you can already tell that this is the go-to working spot for many students and others, as there are many people typing away at their computers while enjoying a chocolate beverage or pastry. Because of the store’s proximity to NYU and The New School, it's a popular choice for many to come here and study.

I had the pleasure of meeting Oded Brenner as he showed me around the store and created some of his signature cocoa confections for me to try. Here are some of my favorites.

Cacao Tea (Wild Chocolate)

Although this drink may not be made out of tea leaves, Oded uses similar techniques to grind the cacao beans and put them through a pulverizer that oozes out pure chocolate. Then, he strains the cacao and adds condensed milk to this delightfully rich drink. This is perfect for the person who loves all things chocolate. 

Claire Wang

Cacao Fruit Bowl

Move over acai, there’s a new fruit in town! Cacao fruit is blended and topped with fruit, granola, and a dollop of creme fraiche. The end result is a light and dreamy flavor that has you feeling fresh and energized. Who says chocolate can’t be good for you?

Claire Wang

Lemony Donut Fondue

This was definitely one of my favorite items on the menu. Mini donuts are rolled in a mixture of sugar and lemon, creating a light coating on the surface. It is then served with chocolate fondue, and the combination of the chocolate and the lemon on a warm donut is seriously a match made in heaven. 

Claire Wang


Amidst the sea of crazy, loaded milkshakes that have been oh-so-popular for the past few years, the ones from Blue Stripe stand out. What makes these so special? The quality of the chocolate itself is very high, and while other milkshakes are overly-topped with sugary candies that make the drink too sweet and difficult to drink, Oded sticks to the classic whipped cream and adds a simple, yet tasteful chocolate dipped rim to the cup. However, the chocolate-y goodness doesn’t stop there. There is also a mini cake on top of the milkshake. It’s a cake shake!

Claire Wang

Final Takeaway

Blue Stripes is a truly quintessential chocolate experience, and the variety of beverages and confections is impressive. Everything is crafted with care and love for chocolate, and it is evident in the quality of each item that is created.