Eggs are one of the quickest breakfasts to cook and eat, whether you're making them scrambled in a dorm microwave or filled with veggies on a stove. Yet, many still don't know how to make scrambled eggs. So, here is a detailed guide on how to make scrambled eggs the king of your breakfast.

Start by keeping a few things in mind: Use fresh eggs and do not beat the mixture too hard (moderation is the key to perfectly cooked eggs).

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Step 1: Gather your ingredients

For this recipe, you'll want two large eggs, one knob of unsalted butter, six tablespoons of cream, 1/4 cup of milk (optional), and salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes to taste. Gather these, along with an empty mixing bowl and a skillet and get ready to cook. 

Step 2: Break your eggs

Crack two eggs in the bowl and beat them with cream/ milk, until you see an even creamy texture.

Step 3: Add your spices

Add a pinch of salt and pepper, red chili flakes (optional).

Step 4: Take it to the stove

Melt the butter in a non-stick pan on the stove for a minute or two. Be careful not to let the butter burn.

Step 5: Mix it up

Add the eggs and cream mixture, and let it cook for 20 seconds.

Step 6: Fold it all up 

Now, here's the fun part. Let the folding begin; try making soft folds of the mixture with a wooden spatula on low heat, but do not stir them constantly or they might get dry. Keep doing this.

You can bring the mixture to the center of the pan from the edges. Cook for another 10 seconds, just for the eggs to set.

Step 7: Remove the pan from heat

The eggs will remain cooking on the hot pan, until the mixture's liquid is not visible (crucial step). 

Step 9: Time to eat!

 Serve them with extra seasoning and pair them with a cup of orange juice or a cup of tea. You could also put them on a toasted bread to make a sandwich.

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This is the classic, easiest way to make scrambled eggs, but for a twist, my personal favorite is with some grated parmesan cheese and basil. But try not to add too many toppings or veggies, as it might kill the taste of fluffy eggs.

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Chef's Note

If you want to meal prep with eggs or make them in advance, they're easy to heat back up. Once you've removed from the refrigerator, you can cook them on low on the stove with a knob of butter until soft. You can also try putting them in a heat-resistant bowl (covered with a paper towel) in the microwave for 15-20 seconds. Stir, remove excess visible liquid, then microwave for another 15-20 seconds, and voila! You just learned how to make scrambled eggs.