Attention all college students, chocolate-lovers and party people: Grandma's classic fudge recipe is about to get a whole lot better. Keep in mind — this simple, no-bake fudge recipe is not for the faint of heart. It's packed with sugary goodness, and it uses a cup of Jack Daniel's for a fairly small pan. In other words, you'll definitely feel it. 

There are a few different editions of this fudge, but I picked the simplest recipe I could find. It uses three ingredients and takes under 15 minutes to make, so if you're a lazy cook like me, this is right up your alley. And if you're feeling ambitious, there are lots of other ways to incorporate Jack into your chocolate. 

Jack Daniel's No-Bake Fudge

  • Prep Time:5 mins
  • Cook Time:10 mins
  • Total Time:15 mins
  • Servings:16
  • Easy


  • 12 oz package semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup Jack Daniel's whiskey
  • 2 one-pound boxes powdered sugar
goody, coffee, fudge, cream, cake, brownie, milk, candy, sweet, chocolate
Shelby Cohron
  • Step 1

    Melt chocolate chips in the microwave or a double broiler until it turns into a creamy, blended texture.

    chocolate mousse, goody, coffee, milk chocolate, sweet, cream, candy, milk, chocolate
    Shelby Cohron
  • Step 2

    Mix Jack Daniel's and powdered sugar together in a separate bowl. Stir until it appears well-blended and thick.

    sweet, dairy product, cream, milk
    Shelby Cohron
  • Step 3

    Add the Jack and powdered sugar mixture to the melted chocolate. If the mixture becomes too hard to stir, put it in the microwave for 30-40 seconds.

    candy, dairy product, chocolate, sweet, cream, milk
    Shelby Cohron
  • Step 4

    Pour it into a 13x9x2-inch pan and let it sit for a few minutes to allow it to cool.

    pastry, goody, cream, candy, cake, sweet, chocolate
    Shelby Cohron
  • Step 5

    After a few minutes, cut into the fudge to create your desired bite-sized pieces. When cutting into it, be sure that the outside is cool but the inside is still slightly warm so that it's easy to cut into.

    cream, milk, candy, sweet, coffee, chocolate
    Shelby Cohron
  • Step 6

    Eat at least 7-10 pieces before hitting the bars. As I mentioned, this fudge has the propensity to turn your baking day into a wild night.

    brownie, chocolate cookie, cake, goody, coffee, cream, milk, sweet, candy, chocolate
    Shelby Cohron