The first time I heard about Malpua, I found the name itself very fascinating and tasty. Malpua, being a traditional Indian sweet, can be found almost in every state in India and is not only made during the festive season, but, can also be found in the plates of most people for breakfast. A big spoon of Rabdi on top of Malpua is the perfect match that even matrimonial sites can not find for you.

It is always nice to visit a restaurant or some sweet shop to eat your favorite dessert, but hey, what if you crave for it in the middle of the night, or are too lazy to dress up and go out? You can always make some, right? So, here is a quick recipe on how to make some amazing Malpua, restaurant style right in your home.

Chashni and Malpua

  • Prep Time:15 mins
  • Cook Time:15 mins
  • Total Time:30 mins
  • Servings:2
  • Medium


  • 250 ml Milk
  • 1 Serving Spoon Suji semolina
  • 3 Serving Spoon Maida all purpose flour
  • 300 gms sugar
  • Saffron
  • Desi Ghee for deep frying
  • 250 ml water
sweet, pancake, french toast
Gurjot Singh
  • Step 1

    Add water and sugar in a wok and put it over high flame.

    flour, coffee, tapioca, cereal, sweet
    Gurjot Singh
  • Step 2

    Keep stirring till sugar dissolves completely into water and bring it to simmer.

    kettle, coffee, tea, ladle
    Gurjot Singh
  • Step 3

    Add 50 ml of milk and a pinch of Saffron and leave the wok on slow flame.
    NOTE: Don’t mix the milk with the syrup so produced, leave it on simmer for 5 minutes.

    milk, cream, soup, dairy product, custard
    Gurjot Singh
  • Step 4

    After 5 minutes, you will find a floating brownish foam over the Chashni produced. Remove the foam, boil the rest left in the wok and your Chashni is prepared

    ice, beer, alcohol, cocktail, liquor, milk
    Juliette Kelly
  • Step 5

    In a saucepan pour 200 ml of milk, put the saucepan on simmer and let the milk reduce for 8-10 minutes so that its water content reduces.

    water, tea, milk
    Alex Frank
  • Step 6

    Switch the burner off, add Suji and mix vigorously.

    flour, dough, bread, dairy product, milk, wheat
    Rica Beltran
  • Step 7

    As soon as the mixture cools down add flour to it and mix well so that there are no lumps left.

    flour, cereal, rice, milk, tapioca
    Jocelyn Hsu
  • Step 8

    Take non-stick pan and add ghee to it and put it on high flame to fry Malpua.

    Gurjot Singh
  • Step 9

    Using a ladle or serving spoon put a part of prepared batter in the frying pan so that it forms a round shape.

    Gurjot Singh
  • Step 10

    Fry until golden brown and once it is golden brown add it to the hot Chashni already prepared and serve hot.

    pancake, sweet
    Gurjot Singh