Chilaquiles is an authentic Mexican dish usually made for breakfast. It's the perfect meal on a Saturday or Sunday morning and also amazing if you're vegetarian.  If you are not vegetarian, this recipe is great served with cooked chicken or pork. Don't worry this isn't a complicated dish. The ingredients are simple!

You should experiment with the ingredients and see if there are any additional vegetables or seasonings that can be added to the salsa. Good sides to have with this dish can be refried beans, french baguette bread, and avocado.

What you are going to need is..

Kevin Sanchez-Pena
Kevin Sanchez-Pena
Kevin Sanchez-Pena


  • Prep Time:10 mins
  • Cook Time:10 mins
  • Total Time:20 mins
  • Servings:2
  • Medium


  • 1 bag tortilla chips
  • 2-3 Jalapeños
  • 2-3 Tomatoes
  • 2-3 spoons diced Onions
  • 1 cube chicken bouillon
  • 1 clove garlic
  • Canola/olive oil
  • Queso fresco optional
  • Crema Mexicana optional
  • Step 1

    To create the salsa, boil the tomatoes and jalapeños in water for about 3-5 min.

  • Step 2

    While the tomatoes and jalapeños are boiling, add 1 clove of garlic, 2-3 spoons of diced onions, and 1 cube of chicken bouillon into a blending cup.

  • Step 3

    Once the tomatoes and jalapeños are finished, slice them up and add them into the blender, add about half a cup of water, then BLEND!

  • Step 4

    Once blending is done, add a quarter cup of oil to the pot. Let the oil cook on low for about 3 mins and then add your salsa.

  • Step 5

    Cook your salsa for about 3-5 mins on high. Once it is cooked enough turn heat back to low and add your chips in the salsa!

  • Step 6

    Stir the chips in the salsa for approximately 5 mins, until the texture is perfect and let it sit and cool.

  • Step 7

    Once the chips and salsa are perfectly made into one, start adding whatever toppings you'd like. For me I love to add queso fresco and crema Mexicana!

  • Step 8

    Now that you have created your masterpiece, DIG IN!!!!