vegetables should be eaten everyday.

yes - that includes you. even if you hate them.

so then - how can you incorporate more vegetables in to your day to day diet?

vegetables are not the magic key to weight loss or instant health but it is still crucial to consume them, as vegetables promote and maintain good health. they are loaded with vitamins and minerals and the majority of them are low in calories (which can facilitate weight loss!) vegetables will retain more nutrients when they are consumed raw, but if it is hard for you to eat raw vegetables, there are many ways you can cook them to enjoy their benefits. it can be hard to know what vegetable to eat and even harder to know how to prepare it, so here is a list of vegetable recipes to answer to question of how to incorporate more vegetables into your day to day diet

A - Z of Vegetable Preparation 

Artichokes - this is a fun thing to eat, you can even create a yummy dipping sauce for the artichokes. Artichokes are high in vitamin c, magnesium and fiber

Butternut Squash - rich in vitamin a, c and potassium, this is a tasty veggie that can be dressed up either salty or sweet. this cinnamon roasted butternut squash is insane!

Broccoli - roasted, boiled or even raw, there are so many ways to enjoy broccoli and it’s vitamin a, c and magnesium content.

Brussels Sprouts - crispy, oven roasted brussels sprouts are to die for. add in some bacon and maple syrup and you will not be able to stop eating them!! high in vitamin a, vitamin c and b6.

Carrot - this recipe creates a carrot ‘fry’ which is still a carrot but you know, in the shape of a fry. use these in place of your fries, as 50% of your fries or even as a little snack to get in vitamin a to promote vision, growth and immune function

Cauliflower - this recipe is for a cauliflower ‘steak’. super yummy way to get in some vitamin c and fiber.

Eggplant - eggplant is a good source of vitamin b-6, which is important for the metabolism of other macronutrients, such as carbs, proteins and fats.

Mushrooms - i love. there are so many different varieties that can be enjoyed so many different ways. portobello mushrooms for example are high in vitamin b2 and b3, vitamins that are helpful in metabolizing nutrients to energy, and the minerals copper (keeping the immune system healthy) and selenium (protects body from oxidative stress).

Tomatoes - tomatoes are juicy, delicious and nutritious. they are rich in vitamins a, k and c as well as potassium!

Spinach - this veggie can be tossed into a smoothie, sauteed with other vegetables, or added to your salad for an extra boost of nutrients.

Squash - high in vitamins a & c.

Zucchini - zucchini fries, zoodles, sauteed zucchini, or even frozen and added to a smoothie (i am serious - this is amazing) - the options here are limitless.

What's your favorite way to eat your veggies? Let us know in the comments :)