Although edible cookie dough as a phenomenon has dominated the internet for a few years now, it took the opening of a new scoop shop to really think out of the box with the sweet treat. World's Best Cookie Dough in New York City not only has the largest collection of flavors of edible cookie dough, but they also have the widest range of sweet treats containing copious amounts of edible cookie dough. 

Unlike some brands, World's Best Cookie Dough is able to perfectly match the flavor of the stuff you weren't supposed to eat out of the bowl growing up, but did anyway. They do this by using pasteurized flour and eggs for a safe and delicious treat. Every day they offer over 20 unique flavor options in their ice cream-inspired scoop shop.

Although enjoying edible cookie dough by the spoonful is, I admit after indulging quite a bit myself, extremely enjoyable, there are a world of recipes out there to take the stuff to the next level. Using World's Best Cookie Dough's collection of delicious flavors as inspiration, I present to you 12 ways to eat their edible cookie dough. 

Fried Cookie Dough

Whether you're visiting the World's Best Cookie Dough shop or eating it at home, you can enjoy deep fried cookie dough. The state fair tradition of frying everything results in the perfect melty combination of cooked and uncooked dough. When you use fruity pebbles cookie dough, the result is a rainbow masterpiece. 

Chocolate Covered Truffles

One of my favorite desserts growing up were buckeyes, which are basically homemade reese's with a much larger ratio of peanut butter to chocolate. When you make chocolate covered cookie dough truffles, use peanut butter dough for a treat reminiscent of the midwestern specialty.


Instead of making regular old fudge, why not use cookie dough to make the dessert hybrid treat of your dreams? World's Best Cookie Dough even has the perfect dough so you don't miss out on your favorite sweet and salty fudge flavors: chocolate fudge pretzel cookie dough

No-Bake Pie

Unbaked cookie dough can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes so that you can get away with eating it in civilized society. Try using salted caramel dough to make a sliceable treat with all of your favorite things about raw cookie dough.


Freakshakes have completely taken over the internet and I have a feeling that milkshakes loaded down with an equal ratio of ice cream to cookie dough will be up next. For an equally Instagrammable and delicious milkshake fit for any basic b*tch, try using pumpkin spice dough.

#SpoonTip: If you're not really into DIY desserts, be sure to stop by the World's Best Cookie Dough shop because they offer over-the-top milkshakes with all of the dough flavors.

Cookie Sandwich

Cookie sandwich? Count me in. Use two baked cookies and a large dollop of cookies and cream cookie dough to make that four layers of extreme cookie flavor in a shape reminiscent of oatmeal cream pies, but so much more delicious.

Stuffed Cookies

After trying several of these in different flavors, I can see why they're one of World's Best Cookie Dough's best sellers. What I can't wrap my head around is how I haven't thought of this before. It's an extra-thick cookie so that the outside bakes while the inside remains perfectly gooey.

#SpoonTip: Whether you're making these at home or in the World's Best Cookie Dough store, use triple chocolate chunk dough. More chunks means more gooey chocolate, which is always a win.


Get ready for even more cookie dough inception. World's Best Cookie Dough discovered just how delicious cookie dough and cheesecake are together, so they not only make a cheesecake flavored dough, but also topped actual slices of cheesecake with it.


Sometimes you just need an excuse to eat cookie dough for breakfast. Here's yours. Use chocolate espresso flavored dough to get the caffeine, breakfast, and sugar rush you need all wrapped up together when you stick it in your waffle iron for a few minutes. 

Cupcake Frosting

If you let the red velvet flavor of World's Best Cookie Dough come to room temperature, it becomes the perfect consistency for cupcake frosting. Then, all you need to do is refrigerate for a couple of hours and you have a ready-to-go treat combining three classic desserts.


If a waffle isn't really your ideal breakfast situation, you can always go for a parfait. Use oatmeal raisin cookie dough and whatever other fillings suit your fancy. Some of my personal favorites are chocolate granola, chocolate chips, and the chocolate triple cream Siggis flavor. Can you sense a theme?

Elevated S'mores

I'll leave you with one last dessert hybrid. Try adding a layer of s'mores cookie dough to your favorite nostalgic summertime treat. The melty chocolate, gooey marshmallow, and crunchy graham cracker somehow become so much more delicious with some dough sandwiched in there as well.

Now that I've got your mouth watering, eyes glazing over, and stomach grumbling from the impending sugar rush, it's about time I let you in on the secret of how to make these treats for yourself. You don't even have to live in New York City to get your hands on the authentic cookie dough flavors used to make these sweet treats.

World's Best Cookie Dough is now offering nationwide shipping so you can enjoy cookie dough from your couch in all 50 states. In addition to the flavors mentioned above, you can also buy their cookie dough stuffed cookies in several flavors online.

It's about time for you to invite a bunch of friends over and put in a large order so you can sample the world's largest selection of cookie dough flavors from the World's Best Cookie Dough. 

#SpoonTip: I want to give a big thanks to World's Best Cookie Dough for sending me samples of several of their cookie dough flavors and cookie dough stuffed cookies. I can personally vouch for the truth in their name.