Beyoncè. Queen Bey. Yoncè. No matter which name you use, she's undoubtedly a pop culture icon, and anyone in the Beyhive, will be the first to tell you. So when Beyonce has a birthday, you know she’s going to do it right.

From the cake to the festivities, Beyonce celebrated her 36th birthday in only the most insta-worthy ways. The good news? So can you. You might not have woken up like this, but you can certainly channel the queen herself on your special day, too. Read on for her keys to birthday success. 

1. Get a Beyhive-Inspired Geode Cake

This 3-tiered geode cake is quite the show-stopper. Cake Life Bake Shop in Philadelphia stepped up to the plate to make the gorgeous creation, which featured lavender and honey flavored cake. Black fondant, edible sugar crystals, and a cake topper that resembled the headpiece from her Grammys performance topped it all off. 

But Cake Life didn’t stop there: they also frosted crown and beehive shaped cookies. The only catch is that this killer dessert table will cost you a casual $3,500, so you should probably start budgeting for that ASAP. 

2. Receive A Tribute from All Your Fave Celebs

Beyoncè’s friends decided to put together a special birthday surprise by recreating her “Formation” music video look: think big black hats, braids, and huge statement necklaces. Former First Lady Michelle Obama, tennis star Serena Williams, and daughter Blue Ivy were among those that participated. Truly iconic. Maybe you can get your friends to dig up those old "Single Ladies" lip syncs you made for the Vine a while back. 

3. Give Back to a Worthy Cause

Beyoncè’s “Formation” inspired tribute was more than just a collection of photos — the star used it as a platform to help Houston recover from Hurricane Harvey. Underneath where the pictures were posted on her website, fans found a message encouraging them to aid in hurricane relief efforts in Beyoncè’s beloved hometown.

The initiative, which used the hashtag #BEYGOODHOUSTON, teamed up with area charities and universities to help the city in its time of need. So when your birthday rolls around, take a cue from the Queen and do some good for others. 

4. Get Serenaded at a Music Festival

Jay-Z made sure that Beyoncè felt the love from plenty of fans on her special day. While headlining at the Made in America Festival in Philadelphia, Bey’s husband took advantage of the crowd and encouraged them to sing “Happy Birthday.” This would take some serious effort for the average person to pull off, but Beyoncè certainly isn’t known for setting the bar low. You could start off with getting a whole bar to sing to you. It shouldn't be that hard around 1:30 am. 

In all, Beyoncè seems to have had a well-rounded 36th birthday full of cake, philanthropy, and love. While most of us don’t have the budget or star power to make these a reality, it doesn’t hurt to have #birthdaygoals in mind. In the meantime, keep throwing impromptu dance parties in honor of Queen Bey. It’s the least you can do.