The last weeks of April fly by faster than a jet plane. The chaotic rush of studying for final exams blurs into the beginning of summer, and suddenly it’s time to return home.

If, like this writer, your hometown happens to be somewhere quite far away from the cherry blossoms of the tidal basin, you may find yourself catching a plane or boarding a train to embark on your end-of-term journey. To make your transit more pleasant and less tiresome between weather delays and baggage fees, here are the top spots to eat at Regan, Dulles, Union Station, and Baltimore Marshall.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Want one last taste of the DMV before taking to the skies? In my experience, there is no better place to do so than at Ben’s Chili Bowl. This DC staple has been around since 1958, expanding from U Street to serve up the best “half-smoke” dogs and chili fries in the area. If you’re craving something sweet, the hand-spun cherry milkshake is also an excellent choice.

In a city flush with great Mexican eateries, El Centro DF more than holds its own with the most succulent churro dessert imaginable. Light, crispy and sweet, the churros are dusted in cinnamon and powdered sugar before being plated artfully with caramel and rich cocoa sauce. El Centro also offers a solid selection of tacos and enchiladas, but nothing at Reagan will top their churros for a sugary and unforgettable treat.

Union Station

What is this Chicago pizza joint doing in Washington, D.C.? Who knows. But thankfully for Washingtinions who don’t plan on taking an overnight Amtrak to the Windy City anytime soon, Pizzeria Uno offers the finest–and the only–deep dish to be found on Capitol Hill. For the uninitiated, deep dish pizza is essentially a savory pie that starts with a thick and buttery crust smothered in stretchy mozzarella. Then, crushed tomatoes go on top of the cheese. The whole affair generally requires a knife and fork. This is a perfect reminder of home for Chicagoans like myself and a wonderful opportunity for other eastern travelers in transit to experience a pizza specialty unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

Dulles International Airport

The trek from American University’s campus to Dulles International involves two shuttles, two trains, and 113 minutes of listening to a loudspeaker talk about “Metro’s ongoing safety investigation”. You'll wish you had just ponied up for an Uber instead. Needless to say, after finally making it into the glistening glass behemoth that is IAD, you’ll need ample refreshment to energize you for the final leg of the trip.

Thankfully, the legendary pastry chefs at Au Bon Pain have just the ticket. From croissants drizzled in chocolate to savory ciabatta sandwiches, these sophisticated gourmet dishes will have you thinking that maybe it was worth the trip to Dulles after all.

Baltimore Thurgood Marshall International Airport

Ran out of meal swipes grabbing “sushicado” rolls at the MGC? Perhaps it’s time to try something a little more upscale. Gachi House of Sushi proves that Baltimore’s biggest airport has more appealing dining options than any other transportation hub in the area. Try an adventurous Chef’s Specialty roll with salmon, cream cheese, and mango puree. You can also enjoy a roll named after the state of Maryland (with locally caught crab, of course), or even the Baltimore Orioles (featuring orange caviar to match the team colors). Just steer clear of the Georgetown role until they create one for AU as well.

To boast countless accolades such as "Maryland's best breakfast," Baltimore Magazine's Best Chef award, and the Daily Meal's Best Brunch designation, Miss Shirley’s soul food joint has to be doing something right. Sample a slew of southern staples with their shrimp and grits or “gravy train” southern skillet. Also check out their selection of 16 variations of “griddle cakes,” from pineapple upside down to blueberry white chocolate chip.

When lunchtime rolls around, Shirley’s stays open to offer Restaurant Hospitality’s favorite Southern Slammer sandwich stacked high with fried green tomatoes, bacon, avocado, cheddar, and fried egg on pumpernickel.

But whatever you dig into before waving the DMV goodbye for the summer, Spoon AU wishes you the safest (and most delicious) of travels.