July 4th goes by many names. Independence Day, the anniversary of America, or, as I like to call it, National Cookout Day. Many choose to celebrate this day by getting their grub on and eating some good ‘ol fashioned BBQ. But which meat should you cook this July 4th? No need to fear. Here is my definitive ranking of the best BBQ/Cookout meats and styles:

7. Vegetables

Vegans, this is for you. If I come to a cookout and I only see vegetable skewers, someone’s face is going on the grill. Elotes are carrying this section on their back.

Check out this elote recipe from @salty.tales

6. Hot dogs/Brats

Basic but still good. Hot dogs are great for when I’m feeling picky. I don’t usually request them, but I’ll never turn one down.

Learn how to grill the perfect hot dog with @brunchwithbabs

5. Pork Chops

Great type of meat, but not cookout material. This is for those who think a cookout is anytime you use a grill. Great taste, but wrong occasion.

Grill these yummy porkchops with @t_rev_cooks

4. Chicken

A go-to. Chicken can be sauced up and seasoned in a variety of ways. It’s easy to make and for sure a people pleaser. I prefer mine fried but it’s still a good choice.

Wow your friends with this juicy grilled chicken from @bacusbbq

3. Burgers

A juicy burger always makes my tastebuds dance. With the rise in gourmet burgers, this BBQ style is surprisingly versatile. When done well, it’s great. When it’s wrong, it tastes like burnt rubber.

Delight your tastebuds with these thick gourmet burgers by @appleseedrecipesbytee

2. Pulled Pork + Brisket

An unappreciated southern classic. This is very easy to mess up, but when done right, it feels like home.

This smoked brisket by @chucksflavortrain will have your mouth watering

1. Ribs

Sauced or unsauced, when your uncle or dad grills this to perfection, nothing can beat it. Nothing screams independence like getting down and dirty with a plate of ribs. 

Try something new with these bacon jam ribs by @jortskitchen