"New neighbors are good." The black and green billboards peppered around town are preparing shoppers for a new kid on the block. GreenWise Market. For the Publix shoppers who take the time to shop for groceries with the USDA Organic label, sustainably sourced products, and meat without added hormones and antibiotics, GreenWise Market is making your dreams come true.

What is GreenWise?

GreenWise is a Publix brand that prides itself on the aforementioned attributes and has been a staple in healthy eaters' kitchens since 2003. Previously, the brand had been limited to an exclusive aisle or peppered throughout the aisles of Publix, but now, it has expanded to its very own store on Gaines Street. Come this October, the first location will be opening its doors to the Tallahassee public. Not from Tallahassee? Fortunately, GreenWise will have locations in Lakeland, FL, Boca Raton, FL, and Mount Pleasant, SC in 2019.

Why Shop at GreenWise?

 GreenWise is different from other organic food marts. Not only does this store promise organic and non-additive groceries, but it also features places to grab a bite to eat, something to sip on, and a place to eat with friends. If you're hungry while shopping or need something to nibble on while studying, GreenWise offers snacks such as pizza and sandwiches, made in-house, free of preservatives, and made with no less than 70% organic ingredients. Furthermore, a bar featuring local Tallahassee brews such as Proof Brewing Co., Grasslands Brew, Lake Tribe Brew, and Deep Brew will be of service to 21+ shoppers. Everyone is welcome to enjoy GreenWise's on-tap kombucha and freshly blended açai bowls.

Beyond the Food

Looking to extend your environmentally sound shopping habits outside of food? GreenWise also will devote their efforts to an all-natural body care line with items such as soaps and washes. You can also buy supplements and vitamins in-store, and never have to worry about artificial or harmful ingredients.

Be sure to welcome our new Tallahassee neighbor this upcoming October! Follow them on Instagram for updates @greenwisemarket.