Whether it is the hot and spicy desi Chinese or the lesser known Delhi-based Burger Singh which serves the Western staple with a Bhartiya twist (just as the name suggests), tandoori momos or a dhokla pizza, local egg stalls and tea shops, we Indians have been playing the fusion field for years. 

We bring to you the magic of one such dish- Gobhi Manchurian whose tantalising taste woos all.

What is Gobhi Manchurian?

If we break it down, we come to realise the ingenuity of such a creation- tender cauliflower coated in the crispiest of tempura batters which are fried to perfection. Leave aside the Indian love for grease; these florets are then generously doused in this fiery hot sauce (that is characteristic of the desi Chinese) that delivers on all fronts- tangy, spicy, salty and even sweet. Come to think of it, the individual responsible for this marvel, managed to use the essential flavours of three cuisines- Chinese, Indian and Caribbean (the sweet and sour aspect)

What makes it so irresistible?

This popular snack reminds us of the “West Indies: Hot & Sweet” Lays. Maybe this has something to do with the bright orange packaging that reflects the deep auburn Manchurian sauce or with that tangy flavour that hits you at the back of the tongue. Over the years, I have observed a great many variations- whether it is an accompaniment of fried onions and capsicum or it is the dry version (I quite the prefer the ‘gravy wala’), but the one thing that remains constant is its immense popularity with the Indian crowd.

Where to find this dish?

Most of you may find it at your local momo-wala. For all those who are unable to sample this dish, I highly recommend you to try this recipe at home, as it definitely ticks all the right boxes.

The ultimate guilty pleasure

I guarantee that carnivores won’t miss the meat in this veggie alternative, for this crunchy, crispy, sloppy, vibrant, intensely flavoured vegetable when consumed piping hot on a wintry evening. Garnished with spring onions, with both its bright green colour and much-needed freshness, this is a gastronomy miracle that even the Red Dragon couldn’t resist.

I hope that this dish (you have to try it to believe it) will satisfy those chatpata cravings and replace instant noodles as the perfect midnight munchie.