Wake Forest has revamped their restaurants once again to feature two new dining options: La Sabrosa and Smith's Cafe. Let’s explore your Old Gold options and what you can expect from both menus.

Out with Yamas, in with La Sabrosa

According to Wake Forest’s Dining Website, La Sabrosa will feature three Old Golds: build your own burrito, build your own salad, and build your own bowl. The menu is inclusive of different dietary needs, having vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. As a native Texan, I’m curious to how La Sabrosa’s food will compare to other Tex-Mex restaurants. On the social media app Fizz, students have hypothesized that La Sabrosa will be comparable to Chipotle or Moe’s, but have voiced their frustration that the restaurant charges extra for guacamole and queso.

ZSR Camino’s has transformed into Smith’s Cafe

Looking at the menu for this new dining option, I see no significant differences between it and the previous establishment, Camino’s. The only difference I’ve noted is the addition of blended beverages and more food/pastry options. Smith’s Cafe will offer the Old Gold options of medium hot coffee, medium iced coffee, medium hot tea, medium iced tea, medium hot chocolate, or a blended beverage. All old gold coffee and tea orders also come with a pastry. The coffee and pastries in the cafe are all local, coming from a variety of Winston-Salem bakeshops and coffee shops. For those who loved Camino’s, it looks like this won’t be a huge adjustment. What’s there to hate about a greater variety of coffee and pastries?

All in all, both restaurants seem to have some reasonable Old Gold options. But with every new dining experience at WFU there will be criticism. My advice is to explore the entire menu of both places and find what food and drinks you like best.