Pitcher Perfection columnist, Hollis Coker, shares bartender-approved big batch cocktail recipes fit for sharing with friends.

Sangria, unlike many stuffier classic cocktails, has never adhered to a strict recipe. Since its origin, sangria has been made with countless different combinations of fruit, wine, flavored liquors, and more.

Typically made in big batches, sangria is a classic crowd-pleaser that has been shared among friends for centuries. So, what makes a good sangria? Due to its lax recipe, you get to decide!

A foolproof framework for a good sangria includes; wine, fruit liquor, fruit juice, a citrus element, assorted fruit, and something carbonated. This blue sangria recipe plays on more traditional sangria elements, such as wine and citrus, but uses exciting summer ingredients.

Here's how to make a 10- ingredient, bartender-approved blue sangria that will impress your friends and wash away those back-to-school blues. This big batch cocktail has something for everyone!

10-Ingredient Blue Sangria Recipe

Hollis Coker

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Wait Time: 1 hour

Total Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Servings: 4-6


1 (standard size) 60 oz pitcher

Chef’s knife

Stirring spoon

Serving glasses melon baller (optional)

Wooden skewers (optional)


1 750 ml bottle of chilled white wine of your choice

1 cup blue curacao

½ cup peach schnapps

1 cup classic lemonade of your choice

½ cup pineapple juice

1 pack mini (7.5 oz) sprite cans

1 fresh mango

1 dragonfruit

2 cups fresh pineapple

Gummy candy

Brown sugar (optional)


Step 1:

Hollis Coker

First, slice your mango, dragonfruit, and pineapple into your desired shapes. You can use a melon baller (or a teaspoon) to create spheres, or simply cut the fruit into cubes. Set your prepared fruit aside.If these fruits are not available at your local grocery store, feel free to substitute lemons, limes, or oranges.

Step 2:

Hollis Coker

Grab your pitcher and add one 750 ml bottle of chilled white wine. No need to buy an expensive bottle for this recipe, one under $10 should do it!

Step 3:

Next, add the blue curacao and peach schnapps to your pitcher. Both of these ingredients can be found at your local liquor store, and blue curacao is actually orange flavored! It adds a flavorful citrus punch to your sangria.

Step 4:

Hollis Coker

Then, add your lemonade and pineapple juice. Grab a stirring spoon and gently stir from the bottom of your pitcher.

Step 5:

Next, carefully add your fruit to the pitcher. Cover the top of your pitcher and place in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour. While you are waiting for your sangria to chill, you can get your glasses ready! You can rim your glass with brown sugar for a sandy effect, and stick gummy sea creatures on a skewer to serve with your sangria. You can also grab some pineapple wedges from earlier to place on the rim of your glass.

Step 6:

Hollis Coker

After you have let your sangria sit for at least an hour, remove it from your refrigerator and add some ice if you’d like. Give it a stir and carefully pour into your prepared glasses.

Step 7:

Hollis Coker

Next, use a spoon to make sure that you get some of the fruit from the bottom of your pitcher into each glass. Leave room in each glass to top with one mini can of Sprite and serve.

Don’t forget to share your pitcher of sangria with 3-5 friends!