Both the East coast and West coast pride themselves for having the best food chains based only in their area. Here are some comparisons of the East Coast vs. West Coast for their food. Where do you stand?

Cupcakes: Georgetown vs. Sprinkles 

Although both cupcake chains have expanded their locations all over the country, the O.G Beverly Hills cupcakes and DC’s designer cupcakes have dominated the cupcake world. With Sprinkles’ ATM cupcake machine and its dog-friendly cupcakes, it goes against Georgetown’s seasonal cupcakes and intricate arrangements which include edible flowers.  

Burgers: Shake Shack vs. In-N-Out

Of course, the ultra-famous burger chains both coasts are proud of respectively. Despite In-N-Out being the healthier option with lots of items in their secret menu, Shake Shack continues to please our taste buds with its mouth-watering beef patty. In the fair comparison, both burgers are the best depending on which coast you live in.

Ramen: Totto vs. Tsujit

For all you hopeless ramen-tics, both ramen shops will blow your mind. Totto’s Chicken Paitan will curb your chicken ramen cravings, and Tsujita’s Tsukemen will fill your stomach of delight. Preferences matter: Tsujita offers both dipping ramen and original ramen. 

Hot Dogs: Gray's Papaya vs. Pink's

Reminisce your nostalgic, lazy days with loaded hot dogs from these no-frills chains from both coasts. Gray’s Papaya tends to stick with free classic toppings, such as onions, relish, and sauerkraut. Their popular “Recession Hot Dogs” continue to draw customers through the doors. If you fancy something more extra, Pink’s toppings include bacon, chili cheese, and guacamole; they even have vegan hot dogs.

Bakeries: Dominique Ansel Bakery vs. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

These highly-anticipated bakeries have also spread across both coasts and even in international waters, but they are home to New York and San Francisco respectively. Here, we compare Dominique Ansel’s Cronut, a hybrid of a doughnut and a croissant and Mr. Holmes’ Cruffin, a mix of a muffin and a croissant. Keep in mind that their flavor menus change every month for Dominique Ansel and every day for Mr. Holmes, so be sure to check their social media accounts to keep up with the updates.

Steak: Peter Luger Steakhouse vs. House of Prime Ribs

The famed dry-aged steaks from Peter Luger should be in your bucket list when visiting the East, and House of Prime Ribs is a must-go when you’re traveling to the West. With their rustic decor, both steakhouses definitely will not disappoint for your fine-dining experience. Pro-tip: there ain’t no shame in getting seconds in the House of Prime Ribs, so go for it.

Sandwiches: Katz Deli vs. Ike's Place

Loaded sandwiches are the best thing for your late-night cravings. Katz’s legendary pastrami lives up to its reputation, but Ike’s offer more than 50 combinations of ingredients that are weird but go well when stuffed in their Dutch-Crunch rolls. You can never go wrong with the classic Katz sandwich or Ike’s creative sandwiches.

Now that you’ve seen both sides, which coast do you roll with?