This past weekend, I had the opportunity to try Winston-Salem's latest burger concept: Flatland Burgers. It definitely did not disappoint. A long day of tailgating can work up an appetite, and having a solid go-to food option can be tricky to find. Luckily, we have a new spot! They take the challenge out of deciding what to order with just one option for a burger and fries.

"Griddle-steamed beef patty with white American cheese and Gold Supreme Sauce on a Martin’s potato roll"

Eleanor Rentz

A classic smash burger with a twist. I admit, I am not usually a sauce person but this one was paired perfectly with a thin burger and non-overpowering cheese. I also enjoyed the subtly sweet potato roll, which complemented the salty burger patty perfectly.

"Texas Pete Dust Fries"  

Eleanor Rentz

It is often the case that fries are under seasoned and lacking flavor, but not with these! I loved the salty spice on these fries with the unique Texas Pete flavor. Not to mention, the fried were fried just enough to have a crispy exterior with a soft interior. Overall, they were a great pairing with the burger.

In conclusion, make sure to check out Flatland Burgers at Wake's next game! This week they were behind section 10, but follow their instagram to double check. For dessert, try these new recipes.