Have you ever been in the mood to bake a cake, or a fresh batch of cookies? Have you ever stopped yourself from doing so when realizing the amount of time it would take to actually make such desserts from scratch? If you answered yes to these questions, look no further than this article to find a cure to such dilemma. Pre-made dessert ingredients are your answer. Here are 4 desserts you can create after a simple visit to the grocery store.

1. Cupcakes and Cake

In a rush, but what quick cake? Your solution comes in two words: box mix. Boxed cake mixes have made baking cakes and cupcakes easier than ever. Firstly, they can be found at any local supermarket so you can get your hands on them effortlessly. Popular brands include Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, and Duncan Hines which feature a variety of flavors so you never get bored. These box mixes are very inexpensive and can be prepared by just adding eggs, water, and oil. Simply whisk up all the ingredients and your cake mix is ready to be in the oven! Want to ice your cake? No need worry about making your own icing because you can purchase pre-made icing along with your box mix. It can't get easier than this! Just follow the directions on the box and you will end up with tasty treats to share with friends, or indulge in alone. 

2. Brownies

Who doesn't love the chocolatey goodness of brownies? When looking for quick brownie fix, you can stop by your local supermarket and pick up a box of brownie mix. These mixes come in a variety of flavors such as, fudge, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. There are a variety of inexpensive brands that produce brownie mixes such as Betty Crocker, Ghirardelli, Duncan Hines, and many more. Similar to the cake box mixes, the ingredients are simple and include the addition of a few eggs, water, and oil. You can also add other ingredients such as peanut butter into your mix to add a twist to your batch. Get creative or stay simple when making your brownies. 

3. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are the best comfort food out there so why not have a simple way to bake them? Pre-made cookie dough is the simplest way to get your hands on warm cookies in no time. Brands such as Nestle, sell pre-made cookie dough which requires zero extra ingredients, rather comes ready to be placed on a baking pan. You can buy pre-made cookie dough in a variety of packages, such as tubes, tubs, or even pre-cut cubes. Cookie baking has never been easier.  

#SpoonTip: Although you may be tempted to eat raw cookie dough, it is not recommended and can possibly lead to salmonella poisoning because the dough does contain raw eggs.

4. Pie Crusts

The easiest pie crusts have arrived. Instead of spending your time preparing a pie crust from scratch, you can now just purchase pre-made pie crust from brands such as Pillsbury, which make pie making 10x easier. All you need to do is add the pie crust to your pie pan, add your favorite fillings, and bake. You can even buy pre-made pie crusts that come with pie tins, so you don't even have to worry about putting the crust into a pie pan. These pie crusts make baking pies simple and taste amazing.

Whenever you feel as if you don't have enough time to make something special, you can always turn to these 4 pre-made dessert ideas and get creative. These desserts still carry the amazing taste without a long time commitment. Try these desserts for yourself and find what your missing. Just because these desserts come from pre-made ingredients does not mean you can't add your personal twist to them and create unique recipes. Even on a lazy day you can create tasty treats in no time!