Thanksgiving: a time for pumpkin pie, elastic waistbands and that jiggly purple blob of goo that everyone seems to like but you.... cranberry. If you're bracing yourself for another year of dry turkey, you'll be grateful for these five sauces.


The colorful chimichurri will add some zing to your bird. The base of this Latin American condiment traditionally includes a blend of parsley, garlic, oil and vinegar, making it a great marinade for any meat. Find a great recipe here.

Mango Chutney

A favorite of Schmidt from New Girl, this sweet and spicy mango-based jam may convert even the most loyal cranberry fans. Try mixing in golden raisins to cut the fruit's acidity, like this recipe does.

Sweet Chili Sauce

Gail Rabasca

This Asian-inspired sauce is not for the faint of heart. A spicy twist on the popular sweet and sour sauce; a drizzle will be enough to elevate your turkey to another level of flavor. Get started with a recipe like this one.

Fig and Orange Compote

Dollop this tart spread on all your sides this Thanksgiving. With a blend of cinnamon, fig and orange zest, you'll be in the holiday spirit before the turkey puts you to sleep. Try Martha Stewart's version here.

Apple Cider Gravy

Raise your gravy game with a splash of apple cider. This easy recipe from Rachael Ray will help you make the most of the final days of fall flavors.

Douse your turkey in any of these sauces for a more flavorful Thanksgiving. Feel free to get creative--just make sure there isn't a cranberry in sight.