If you are anything like me and my friends, you've been wanting to switch up the condiments you use for your French fries because you've gotten tired of using the small collection the Tully already supplies. This issue inspired me to create some new combinations for dipping sauces, using only ingredients from the Tully.

After looking around for some more inspiration online, I was able to find three simple recipes that I could recreate. The three sauces I decided to make were classic fry sauce, BBQ fry sauce, and mustard BBQ sauce

Fry Sauce

To make the classic fry sauce I simply mixed two ketchup packets with one mayonnaise packet.

Grace Baker

This easy, yet classic dipping sauce was a nice change from the usual, but compared to the other sauces I made, it still felt a little bland. This is why I rate this sauce a 3/5.

BBQ Fry Sauce

Up next was a spin on the classic fry sauce. To do this, I replaced the two packets of ketchup with a packet of BBQ sauce and added an extra mayonnaise packet.

Grace Baker

I found this to be much more flavorful than the classic fry sauce and would be something I make more regularly. The additional flavor is why I rate the BBQ fry sauce a 4/5.

Mustard BBQ Sauce

Lastly, I made a mustard BBQ sauce. This was definitely the most  ingredient heavy sauce that I made as it consisted of two packets of yellow mustard, two packets of dijon mustard, one packet of ketchup, half a packet of BBQ sauce, and a packet of pepper.

Grace Baker

This was definitely the most flavorful dipping sauce, easily making it my favorite. Although it wasn’t as quick and easy as the other two, I think the additional ingredients and time needed to make this is well worth it. As a testament to how flavorful and good this recipe was, my friend, who doesn't even like mustard,  said that this was the best dipping sauce I made. There's no doubt this mustard BBQ sauce is a 5/5.

I hope I was able to give you new ideas and/or inspiration on how to add some new flavors to your typical Tully meal!