Dalgona coffee is the newest trend in coffee, with the internet going crazy, and everyone is trying to replicate this viral coffee trend, with Youtube tutorials, Tik Toks, Instagram posts, Facebook, and Twitter all being filled with content. The name dalgona comes from the name of South Korea's spongy toffee candy, similar to American honeycomb. dalgona (or ppopgi) is made by mixing oil, sugar, and baking soda and whipping until it is thick and fluffy. With everyone staying home more than ever lately due to quarantine, it is the perfect time to whip up your own dalgona coffee inspired fluffy cookie dough latte to try at home! 

It looks complicated, but honestly could not be easier to make. The beverage, which originated in South Korea and now has reached the whole world, only requires instant coffee, sugar, water and an electric mixer or a little bit of patience. 

One of my favorite things to do in my down time is to go to local coffee shops and sit with a book or study and enjoy a good coffee beverage, but with all of the closures and having to stay in, I wanted to make my own variation of a delicious coffee beverage that mimics coffee shop quality, so I created a cookie dough latte version of Dalgona coffee. I promise you, once you try this you will no longer be (super) sad about every coffee shop being closed. 

Neeve O’Reilly


what you’ll need

for the coffee fluff

- 2 tbs instant coffee

- 2 tbs brown sugar

- 2 tbs water

for the rest

- 1 cup almond milk

- 1 tbs cookie butter

- ice

- dark chocolate chips 

what to do

 - combine coffee fluff ingredients in a bowl and mix with electric mixer until the mixture becomes fluffy (this video may help you with this step!)

- next, combine the almond milk and cookie butter. mix until combined

- pour cookie butter almond milk into a glass and add ice

- top the milk with two spoonfuls of the coffee fluff and top with dark chocolate chips

- enjoy!!