Don’t you just wish you could eat every carb in the world and not gain weight? That’d be super fun. While some people can actually do that, the majority of people can’t. Introducing my new series: Kickin' The Carbs - where I struggle finding actually good low carb recipes and easily share them with the world! To begin this series, I want to share my favorite crustless quiche recipe (even better - it's cheap to make for us college students that are ballin' on a budget). 

Personally, I live a lifestyle that restricts me from being able to eat anything that has carbs or sugar in it, so throughout the years I have tried to make some of my favorite recipes using ingredients that are good for my health. One of the things that I ate incredibly frequently was quiche - but there’s just so. much. crust. Although I miss carbs very dearly, I’ve learned to remove the crust and start making crustless quiches, packed with protein and good eats that will allow you to enjoy the same delicious taste without the guilt! You will barely remember that that crust was there in the first place. 

Here’s the recipe to my favorite crustless quiche that’s quick and easy to make: 

#1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit as you're prepping. 

#2. In a large bowl, crack 5 eggs and beat them together until they're completely blende.d 

#3. Sprinkle some salt and pepper into the eggs to give it some flavor - feel free to add any spices of choice! 

#4. CHEESE, CHEESE, CHEESE. My absolute favorite thing in the world. Grab some basic shredded cheese and mix it in with the eggs. For this part, don't really worry about measuring - add as much as your heart desires. For extra gooey-ness, I like to add chunks of mozzarella. 

#5. Add any diced vegetables/meats - I love broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, ham, and onion but add anything you wish. 

#6. Mix everything together one more time so the flavor can be equally spread out. 

#7. In a casserole pan, use some butter or oil and lightly grease the bottom and edges to avoid the quiche from sticking. (My tip is to use a small dish so you get a thicker quiche, as sometimes it can come out thin if the dish is too large). 

#8. Pour the mix into the dish and, if you're as much of a fanatic like I am, you'll spread some extra shredded cheese on top to add that last touch. 

#9. Bake for about 20 minutes or until the top and edges turn golden brown. 

#10. Remove and let it cool for about 5 minutes - or if you're impatient like me, just FEAST!!

This super quick and easy recipe is one that can be altered to fit anyone’s taste - whether it’s a vegetarian quiche, or a meat lovers delight, or even a sweet sensation (is that a thing? sweet quiche?), this healthy dish is one that will please all. Drop the carbs and keep the pleasure!