After 25 years in business, Emory Village’s beloved Asian fusion restaurant, Dragon Bowl, closed its doors. The owners released a statement attributing the close to the seasonal business model, COVID-19, and changes in management.

In the weeks since the restaurant has closed, I’ve found myself craving Dragon Bowl's signature crispy brussels sprouts, tangy kimchi pickles, and juicy grilled chicken, so I set out to recreate my go-to Dragon Bowl order at home!

Step 1: Choose Your Base

My favorite base at Dragon Bowl was the "Dragon Rice" — a mix of brown rice and long grain rice that added the perfect level of sustenance and crunch to my meal!

In order to recreate this, I purchased a wild rice mix and combined it with a package of pre-made frozen brown rice. I was also a fan of the kale salad blend, which I would recommend creating with a kale slaw mix and an Asian-inspired vinaigrette!

Step 2: Choose Your Protein

In terms of protein, the chicken at Dragon Bowl was always my favorite! For this recipe, I used boneless, skinless chicken breasts and seasoned them with olive oil, salt, pepper, lots of fresh garlic, a dash of soy sauce, and onion powder.

I kept the seasonings simple here as the sauces and garnish add a lot of flavor later on. I let my chicken marinate in the seasoning for about an hour and then pan-fried it with some extra olive oil, making sure not to overcook the meat.

Step 3: Choose Two Veggies 

In my humble opinion, the most outstanding part of Dragon Bowl’s menu was their use of vegetables. For this at-home recreation, I decided to make my own version of their crispy brussels sprouts and roasted broccoli.

I began by thinly slicing my veggies to achieve maximum crispness, leaving the stems on my broccoli relatively long and cutting my brussels sprouts into slim quarters. I then coated both very generously with olive oil, salt, pepper, a splash of soy sauce, and a pinch of garlic powder. I also added a small drizzle of honey to my brussels sprouts for some extra flavor.

Before roasting, I lightly coated both the brussels sprouts and broccoli with corn starch — a trick to make them extra crisp! I then popped them in the oven at 425 degrees and roasted them for around 30 minutes.

Olga Lindner

Step 4: Choose Your Sauce 

For my sauces, I went the easy route and purchased pre-made Japanese-inspired teriyaki sauce. I found this brand at Kroger, but I would encourage anyone interested in making their own sauces to do a quick Google search as there are many recipes out there online!

Olga Lindner

Step 5: Choose Your Garnish

In terms of garnishes, my favorite at Dragon Bowl was always the kimchi pickles. If you plan to make this recipe, I recommend you make these ahead of time to give them the proper amount of time to marinate!

I left mine in the fridge for several hours before eating. In terms of preparation, they are actually quite simple. Just combine the following ingredients in a mason jar or airtight container: 1 cup rice vinegar, 1-2 tablespoons sugar, grated ginger (to your liking), red chili flakes (to your liking), and lots of coarse salt. Add in your sliced cucumber slices, and pop in the fridge! 

Olga Lindner

Step 6: Assemble and Enjoy!

Once all my components were complete, I assembled my bowl by placing my veggies and chicken atop a bed of my brown rice blend, drizzled with teriyaki, and topped with my kimchi pickles.

My finished product was delicious and definitely satisfied my Dragon Bowl craving. I would encourage anyone else missing this Emory Village spot to recreate my recipe!

Olga Lindner