When it comes to dating a foodie, there are pros and cons. Being a foodie myself, I understand we can get annoying at times from the perspective of someone who isn't as passionate about food. However, it's not all that bad! Here are some things you'd have to deal with if you were to date a foodie. Would you do it? 

1. Waiting 

No matter how long the wait is; if a foodie is determined to eat there, they will wait. From 10 minutes to 2 hours, nothing will stop them. Not even hunger. Could you wait hours just to get a seat at a restaurant?

2. Always Spending Money on Food

This is both good and bad. I mean on one hand you're probably going broke, but on the other... you are spending it on good food. Foodies do have more of an expectation when it comes to food, but it doesn't mean you can't find both good and cheap food!

3. Dealing With Their Hanger

Ever hear someone say they're hangry? Well, it's most definitely a thing. Hunger + Anger = Hangry, a simple equation you must know. That's when you gotta go eat ASAP and then they will go back to their normal self and everything will be okay. Trust me, food is always the solution. 

4. You Can't Eat Until They're Done Taking Pictures

This is a big one. Most foodies like to take pictures of their food before they eat, it's just a must do. It's not just one picture either, it's multiple. It has to be the perfect angle, set up, lighting, etc. You wouldn't be able to eat until the perfect picture has been taken. Heck, your food might even be cold by then. Could you put up with this? 

5. Trying New Things

Most foodies are adventurous and open-minded. Whether it's food or not, you'll always have someone that's down to try new things with you. Want to try an exotic dish? Well, they're most likely going to say yes. 

6. You'll Know Where To Go 

Getting food with your homies? Well, now you'll know all the dank places to go to thanks to your foodie. 

7. You'll Always Be Eating Good Food

No matter where you go, you should expect nothing but the best. You won't ever be disappointed with the place you go to because they probably already have their research done on the restaurant you're at.  

Dating a foodie has its ups and down but in the end, it's worth it.  What are your opinions on dating a foodie?