At Connecticut College, coffee is a staple in many students’ diets. Whether we’re running across the Green to get to class or strolling through central to pop a squat at the library, coffee is often used as a means to get through the day.

The good news is, we don’t have to drive to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts to secure our caffeine fix. To remedy our coffee addictions, Conn has supplied us with four coffee shops that offer a wide variety of beverage choices. Here’s a compilation of the best coffee from each shop here on campus.

South Campus

1. The Walk-In Coffee Closet & The Coffee Closet (Ruane’s Den, Harkness)

Photo by Grace Robertson

With the long-awaited Walk-In Closet now open, you’re going to want to spend as much of your study time here as possible. Take a study break and catch up with your friends while browsing through the large selection of coffee flavors and pastries. Can’t decide on a flavor? Go with our pick: the Nutella latte.

Note: Accepts cash and Camel Cash, but not credit cards.

2. The Coffee Closet (Cummings + Harkness)

Photo by Grace Robertson

If you’re farther down south and craving coffee, the OG Coffee Closet in Cummings functions as just what it’s called – a closet to grab your caffeine creation. Either way, you’re sure to find yourself “mmm”-ing and “ahh”-ing at the sweet and creative latte combinations the two Coffee Closets offer. With a loaded “Specialty Latte” list featuring anything from “Glenn Cocoa” to “The Bees Knees”, the Coffee Closet is the place to go for lattes.

Note: Cash only

Central Campus

3. The Blue Camel Café (Shain Library)

Photo by Grace Robertson

Located in our main library, the Blue Camel Café boasts the best roast. While the Coffee Closet and Coffee Grounds both use Dave’s Coffee (also good, but produced a bit farther away in Rhode Island), Blue Camel has their 100% organic coffee delivered from the Aslawn Farm, a local farm in Lyme, CT. The Aslawn farm has its own roastery, where it roasts Arabica green beans from coffee farms on every coffee-growing continent.

Here, the classic Black Iced Coffee is a must-try, because the taste of the roast really shines through. Finish up your work at one of the tables and watch students line up to get their hot or iced black coffees.

Note: Accepts cash and Camel Cash, but no credit cards.

North Campus

4. Coffee Grounds (Katherine Blunt House)

Photo by Grace Robertson

Coffee Grounds is a great option if you’re looking for a chill vibe and some relaxing tunes. A lot of campus meetings and events are held here, but it’s also a great place to study during the daytime. Located in KB, the shop is wide and open, with fairy lights and artsy posters strung around, and a “Coffee Grounds” mosaic on the far wall.

The Dirty Chai at Coffee Grounds is noteworthy, but don’t miss out on the variety of mochas. They really are the perfect mix of sweet, spicy, and creamy, that compliments the bitter, rich espresso. We asked one of the baristas, Molly, what makes the mochas at Coffee Grounds so crave-worthy. “Our espresso beans work so well because we take special care to melt the chocolate with the espresso so they become this creamy, chocolaty dream!”

Note: Accepts cash and Camel Cash, but no credit cards.