There's nothing wrong with whipping up some cereal bars with the help of marshmallow and chocolate chips, but sometimes the sugar kick isn't the early morning energy you're looking for. Cereal is a classic breakfast with oh-so-many choices. You can't go wrong with classic Cheerios, but if you don't have the time to a whip up a decadent morning treat, how about making grab-and-go Cheerio breakfast bars the for the whole week?

Cheerio Breakfast Bars

  • Prep Time:10 mins
  • Cook Time:1 hr
  • Total Time:1 hr 10 mins
  • Servings:12
  • Easy


  • 3 cups Cheerios
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 3/4 cup peanut butter
cereal, sweet, rice
Caroline Ingalls
  • Step 1

    Assemble ingredients and line a 8x8 pan with aluminum foil.

    corn, sweet, milk, cereal
    Caroline Ingalls
  • Step 2

    Heat honey and peanut butter over medium heat until evenly combined.

    milk, dairy product, sweet, cream, pudding, coffee, bread
    Caroline Ingalls
  • Step 3

    Remove mixture from stovetop and add Cheerios.

    Caroline Ingalls
  • Step 4

    Mix ingredients until cereal is evenly coated.

    cereal, pasta, vegetable, macaroni, wheat
    Caroline Ingalls
  • Step 5

    Move the mixture to the foil covered pan and spread evenly.

    cereal, sweet, nut, corn
    Caroline Ingalls
  • Step 6

    Refrigerate the bars for an hour before cutting into the bars for serving.

    cereal, sweet, chocolate, rice, wheat
    Caroline Ingalls