Having a significant other gives you a free pass for adventure, experimentation, and cheeky shenanigans, right? Whether you’re a honeymoon couple or have dated for years, there’s always room for trying something new. The way to the heart is *food*, so here are a few ideas to spice up / ice up / pop up your relationship.  

Make out with pop rocks

cake, candy
Mackenzie Patel

The crackling zing will entertain your mouths and sense of humor. Be sure to kiss over a towel so the rocks don't skitter everywhere! 

Cook dinner together

vegetable, tea
Lily Morris

This seems tame, but what’s hotter than doing dishes and peeling potatoes? Whether you choose a gourmet or basic dish, make sure to have the perfect playlist and apron picked out. Also, get creative!  Film a mock cooking show or do a ridiculous YouTube challenge together – the more cringe-worthy, the better. 

Get creative with sparkling water ice cubes 

marshmallow, candy, ice
Mackenzie Patel

They’re fizzier than regular ice and taste like snow cones when pop rocks are thrown in. Exchanging it between kisses, dragging it along the body...I hope Ice Ice Baby is on your playlist.

#SpoonTip: Place your ice cube tray inside a plastic bag to seal the air out. This will help retain the carbonation. Tonic water also works for a stronger, more bitter flavor. 

Eat freshly whipped cream together

Mackenzie Patel

Impromptu whipped cream fight? Paint the next Picasso on their face with cream? Either way, someone’s got to lick the beaters when you’re done. Watch this steamy scene on Gossip Girl to get the idea.

#SpoonTip: place your beaters and bowl in the freezer an hour before whipping the cream. This will help solidify the concoction and keep it together. 

Body shot

beer, soda, wine, cocktail, gin, liquor, ice, water, vodka, alcohol
Mackenzie Patel

Need I write more?

Exfoliate those lips

cake, pizza, beer
Mackenzie Patel

Edible sugar scrubs are raging now, so soften and thrill those lips at the same time. Have your SO polish off the brown sugar for you, leaving succulent lips behind. You won't even need lip gloss. 

I've only tried three of the ideas above, but they were ~highly enjoyable,~ so I can't imagine what the others must feel like. Being in a relationship is slushy of intense liking and drama, so lighten it up with bonding through food. You'll be glad you turned the kitchen light on...or off.