An avocado... thanks!  Avocados are the newest trend in our generation’s healthy diets. They’re full of nutrients and offer many benefits, besides a catchy photo.  Keep reading if you want to learn more about this green delight, which we know you do!  Let's start with the benefits:

What Are Avocado's Nutritional Benefits?

Tali Costopoulos

For starters, avocados are loaded with fiber which supports digestion, they provide powerful antioxidants that protect our eyes, and they contain more potassium than bananas. Unfortunately, all the best restaurants are offering their beautifully plated avocado toast creations for a hefty price.  Luckily, we have a delicious alternative to enjoying your favorite green fruit… yes, a little-known fact is that avocados are fruits not vegetables!

Introducing the most affordable avocado snack you’ve seen yet. This tangy snack takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and requires even fewer ingredients.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

1. Avocados

2. Pink Himalayan Salt (don't use table salt, you will regret it)

3. Limes

4. Hot Sauce (optional)

Now Here Is Where It Gets Fun:

Tali Costopoulos

Step 1: Take your ripe avocado and cut it in half vertically

Step 2: Remove the pit

Step 3: Sprinkle pink Himalayan sea salt on the avocados

Step 4: Squeeze lime juice over the salt.

#SpoonTip: The lime juice comes after the salt because you want your avocado to absorb the salt. If you switch these, your lime will taste too salty

Step 5: Throw some hot sauce on top for an extra kick (optional)

Step 6: Use a spoon to scoop out and enjoy!

With this delicious avocado snack, you’ll always have a healthy choice for on the run or as an appetizer. Kick those trail mixes to the curb and try out our college-friendly avocado; you won’t regret it!