Bread making takes time, care, and patience - a true labor of loaf. This article will feature recipes that are sure to inspire you to want to bake your own bread or carbohydrate confection. While not all of the recipes included in this roster are breads they do make up the godly food group that will always reign supreme: carbs. I promise, making one or more of these foods will make your day less crumby. Let's get to cooking some carbs in the kitchen!

Crinkle Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Sydney Barish

First up is the timeless, crispy, chocolate chip cookie. It's thin, crunchy on the edges, warm and gooey in the center. I'd say it's a hybrid between your standard soft-baked chocolate chip cookies and a crunchy chocolate chip cookie. In other words, it's pretty niche. The rippling edges on the perimeter of the cookie add texture to the smooth center. 

It's like your heart is being hugged by a teddy bear made out of chocolate. If you don't already know what that feels like, for one reason or another, I strongly recommend that you bake these crinkle cookies.  

Challah Bread

Sydney Barish

Next, we have the six-strand challah. Braiding this bread is not like braiding your friend's hair at summer camp. In fact, I had to follow a detailed step-by-step tutorial on YouTube while braiding this bread. This bread has the perfect crumb and is an ideal bread for eating on its own, or for a fluffy french toast. There is a thin, crispy crust on the outside and a soft warm inside. The process of perfecting this bread is a labor of loaf, but if you have some time to spare, I recommend you give it a try! How could you ever say no to a loaf of bread. 

Raisin Challah French Toast

Sydney Barish

Now this is what I'm talking about. Raisin challah french toast is where it's at. Raisin challah is the "oatmilk of the challahs". What I mean by this is that it is a nuanced flavor that only those with a refined palette can truly enjoy. And if you want a taste of this glorious bread, I recommend that you toss some raisins into that challah loaf you'll be baking this week.

The secret to a good french toast is the soaking of the bread in a sweet cinnamon custard before cooking it in foamy butter on the stovetop. Don't be afraid to add all the extra cinnamon and sugar to that egg custard and let the flavors mingle! Once cooked, don't forget to make it snow powdered sugar until you can't discern the bread from the plate it is on.

Pita Bread

Sydney Barish

Pita bread definitely has a pita my heart. It's a fluffy food that you can stuff more food into. Need I say more? This is your sign to make Mediterranean food for dinner and impress your friends and family. I can tell you from experience, this one is a crowd pleaser! Pita bread is so easy to make and takes little to no experience.

What if I told you this bread does not even need to bake in the oven? It's so easy to make that a batch of 6 pitas take less than an hour on the stovetop. If you're in a pinch, make these pitas and you will have set the bar so high - crust me. 

See? Making bread and desserts is a labor of loaf! And there are so many ways you can do it too. From beginner levels to intermediate, I hope that one of these recipes piques your interest and you get some delicious carbs in your kitchen!

If these items aren't your speed, my next suggestion would be to try making sourdough bread - it's on the rise, and is certainly next on my list. This bread is perfect for tartines, and if you need any tartine inspiration, this article can suggest countless options! 

So get bready. Once you start baking, you'll be on a roll.