I have a true love for brussels sprouts, in all shapes and forms. I seek them out at restaurants, rejoice when the campus dining hall serves them, and pray that they'll be served at family dinners. It saddened me to learn that most people absolutely despise them, so I'm hoping these recipes can help any hater out. 

Parmasean Brussels Sprouts

I mean, come on, tell me those don't look amazing. There is nothing that's fried and cheesy that I don't enjoy. These are a delicious appetizer to serve at your next get together. Find this amazing recipe here. 

Bacon and Brussels

These bacon-wrapped skewers are perfect for bacon-lovers AND they're paleo. These tasty skewers are low-cal and easy to make, so you pretty much have no excuse to try this recipe. 

Buffalo Brussels Sprouts

Trying to mix some veggies into your football viewing party? It's time to branch out from the boring veggie and ranch dipping tray that you always serve. Try these Buffalo Brussels Sprouts and you'll totally forget you're getting your daily greens in too. The recipe is simple, check it out here. 

Cheesy Brussels Dip

This dish is perfect for your family gathering, a neighborhood block party, or movie night. Even though you're probably convinced that brussels sprouts are "disgusting," you'll definitely find yourself reaching for more of this cheesy goodness. Check it out. 

Maple Roasted Cranberry & Brussels Sprout Grilled Cheese

Here's my personal favorite. Bursting with flavor and cheese, this sandwich is delicious. This unique twist on a classic grilled cheese incorporates your daily serving of veggies, and it still tastes amazing. Find the recipe here. 

Now if you aren't totally convinced by even just the pictures of the dishes, you will be when you test 'em out. Welcome to the wonderful world of brussels sprouts.