What could make you feel more hip than buying kombucha on tap? Brewing your own batch.

That’s right, friends. Now you can cross kombucha off your grocery list because this beverage can be made right at home. Here’s everything you need to know to get a batch of kombucha brewing in any dorm kitchen, even if you don’t have a kitchen. 

What You'll Need

High quality tea bags

Sugar, sugar, sugar

One scoby

A bottle of kombucha

One large glass jar (5 L)

Cheesecloth or piece of cloth

A large rubber band or hair tie

Glass bottles (think old kombucha bottles or mason jars)

Step 1: Scope out a scoby. 

Depending on the hipster population at your school, there are bound to be other students with an extra scoby or two lying around. Ask your friends or take a look on Etsy or Amazon to get your bacteria buddy. This guy will be your new pet (shhh, don’t tell), and will help turn your favorite teas into a fizzy fermented treat.

Step 2: Begin your brew.

Mix eight cups of hot water with eight teabags and two cups of sugar. Stir, then let this mixture steep for about one hour before removing the tea bags.

In the 2-liter glass jar, add the tea mixture, along with the scoby and about two cups of kombucha—this will serve as your tea starter and help get the process going.

Cover the top of the jar with cheesecloth and keep it secure with a rubber band (or hair tie) placed around the outer rim. Flies are just as hooked on kombucha as you are, so keep it covered.

Step 3: Wait it out.

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Let this jar sit at room temperature for one week.

You can keep it in your closet, on your dresser, under your bed, or in a kitchen cabinet.

Step 4: Fizz and ferment.

After this week of anticipation, strain the liquid through the cheesecloth and divvy it up into individual glass bottles and screw on the caps. Be sure to leave an inch or two of room at the top of each container to allow space for the fermentation magic to happen. 

Some new scobys will have formed. Hold on to the newest team member or two—these will be the scobys that are the least brown—and toss out the others. Keep your saved scobys in the 5-liter jar along with a few cups of the newly-made kombucha.

Let your scoby friends hang out at room temperature until you’re ready to start your next batch. You'll need to feed them about two cups of sugar each week to keep them happy and healthy.

Step 5: Add flavors and refrigerate.

Once you’ve divided your kombucha into individual bottles, it’s the perfect time to add as many fruits and flavors as your heart desires. Throw in some berries, lemon slices, or ginger if you’re feeling fancy.

Let the newly portioned bottles of ‘boocha sit at room temperature for one day. After that, you’ll want to drink them up right away or move them into the fridge. One day of fermentation is all you need.

For more details on taking care of your scoby and navigating your way through the kombucha brewing process, check out the resources offered by Kombucha Brooklyn. And if you're looking to buy your brewing supplies all in one neat little package, head to The Kombucha Shop for extra hip swag.

The future is looking bright with these simple steps for brewing kombucha at home. Don’t let dorm rooms keep you down; you can brew your own ‘boocha any time, anywhere.