Without going into all of the reasons, I think it goes without saying that this quarantine has been hard on everyone, for a multitude of reasons. But I’m not here to focus on that. I am here to talk about one of the saving graces of this time spent inside, isolating, with a bunch of groceries to turn into meals. I’m here to talk about Bisquick, an ingredient that has quickly become my quarantine hero.

What is Bisquick?

According to the General Mills website, which is the company Bisquick is sold under, Bisquick began as a perfect blend of flour, baking powder, lard and salt.

The idea was conceived sometime in 1930 when Carl Smith, a salesman for the company, stopped in at a diner and observed a mixture like the one described being used to make biscuits quickly.

By 1931, this idea had been taken to General Mills, tweaked a few times, and marketed as an easy mix to use as a baking and cooking staple. The recipe has varied some over the years, but the purpose remains intact.

Why am I obsessed with Bisquick?

Because this is a pre-maid mix of baking essentials, it makes my life so much easier in the kitchen. Instead of having to get out as many individual ingredients, I already have a lot of what I need ready to go in one handy package.

Instead of buying multiple different ingredients, I can buy this one mixture and save the money and hassle.

And, with stores sometimes running low on supplies these days, it’s easier to buy this one item then to go hunting for multiple.

What should you use Bisquick for?

I’ve used Bisquick more than a handful of times this quarantine. Here are some of the recipes I’ve tried out and recommend.

1. Bisquick Coffee Cake

Follow the recipe given. I like things extra buttery, so you can swap out the oil for butter if you do too. Also, if you love streusel crumbles as much as I do, feel free to double the ingredients for the topping . Eat as a sweet night cap or in the morning with a cup of joe.

2. Bisquick Biscuits

As the name and origin story would suggest, this is what the product was originally intended for. These biscuits will turn out crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and I’ve been pairing them with tuna salad for a fun spin on a classic sandwich.

3. Bisquick Waffles

This past Christmas, my parents got me a mini waffle maker. This recipe makes for some delicious waffles that you can whip up in 5 minutes. Pairs excellent with chicken tenders, or fresh fruit.

In Conclusion

If you’ve never tried Bisquick, I think now is as good a time as ever to try it. I’ve listed only a very small number of all of the potential foods and desserts that can be made with it. For more Bisquick recipe inspiration, check out the Betty Crocker website (the child company of General Mills) with loads to choose from.