Big Red Liquors announced that they will now offer delivery in the Indianapolis area. You read that right. This brings a whole new meaning to a Friday night in.

For a $10 flat delivery fee, you can have cases of beer, wine or liquor delivered to the comfort of your own home. Or if you plan to rage, kegs are a $10 delivery fee a piece. However, be forewarned, you might have to make a minimum purchase depending on the location.


Photo Credit: Drizly app

It’s easy, though. All you have to do is download an app called Drizly on your Apple or Android device. Or if you’re like me and have cracked yet another phone screen, you can order on their website, It takes about 40 minutes for your delivery to arrive. So no passing out after you order, people.

The best part? If you invite your friends to download the Drizly app, they get $5 towards their purchase, and you get $5 towards your next purchase. Free booze? Don’t mind if I do." src="" alt="delivery" width="670" height="273" />

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Anyway, you’ll obviously be asked to show proof that you’re over 21, and Drizly deliverers are equipped with fancy forensic ID scanning technology. They’re even allowed to deny you your alcohol at any point if you appear intoxicated or underage, so no funny business, guys.

So far delivery services are also offered in Broad Ripple, Brownsburg and Geist. But what about Bloomington? Well, Big Red Liquors has said that it doesn’t plan to expand to other cities. *sigh* But we’ll be waiting.

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