St. Patty's day is all about beer, four leaf clovers, Lucky Charms cereal — and potatoes of course. We can thank the Irish for this beloved vegetable (if they even count as a veggie) — and what better way to celebrate Irish culture than with a cold beer in hand, that old green t-shirt you managed to dig up, and a hearty potato dish to indulge in. 


America's favorite food: french fries — covered in creamy melty cheese and then smothered in gravy. 

This is traditionally a Canadian dish, but for the sake of St. Patty's we will adopt it. Poutine is the ultimate bar food and luckily, it's beginning showing up on gastropub menus around America. This dish not only satisfies those drunchies, but it's the perfect way to much on the go during those St. Patty's Day pub crawls.


A classic, cheesy mashed potato filling, stuffed inside a dumpling and then dunked in butter. 

You had me at "dunked it butter." 

This is the ultimate potato dish, simply because there's nothing like eating carbs covered in more carbs.

Potato Skins

Baked potato skins that are fried, stuffed with cheese, bacon, sour cream and the list goes on. The more the merrier, honestly.

These are pretty popular, and a staple potato dish when drinking heavily, at the pub.

Sweet Potato Pie

No drunken celebration is complete without dessert, and a classic sweet potato pie will surely do the trick. Sure it's traditionally a southern American dish, but no better way to celebrate the potato and Irish culture than with a heaping slice of pie. 

A gooey sweet potato filling with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and a flakey buttery crust — and can't forget the whipped cream. 

Celebrating St. Patty's Day is the perfect excuse to drink a lot, and you really don't even have to be Irish. Just make sure to wear green to avoid being pinched and if you're the real deal, pair those beers with a rich potato dish. It's no mystery why the Irish cherish the potato, so if you're celebrating St. Patrick's day this Friday, propose a toast to these innovative dishes that make pub crawls so tasty.