If you’re looking to add some green to your diet, look no further! I spent my St. Patrick’s Day this year baking the best green-colored food I’ve ever tasted—matcha white chocolate cookies. My friends and I followed a recipe for matcha cookies from TakesTwoEggs, a haven of authentic Asian recipes as well as creative spins on traditional dishes.

1. Ingredients

First, we gathered ingredients from the depths of our cabinets and dorm room fridges. For ingredients we didn’t have on hand, like matcha powder, we purchased them from Berkeley Bowl. This turned out to be a great choice, as the matcha flavor was especially pronounced in our cookies.

2. Baking

Cynthia Liu

To start off, we browned the butter and prepared the dry ingredients in a separate bowl. Since none of us had experience browning butter before, it was initially hard to tell when to pull the butter off the stove.

#SpoonTip: Once you notice specks of gold forming at the bottom of the saucepan, get ready to see your butter brown exponentially.

As the butter was browning, we combined all of our dry ingredients in a separate bowl. We then mixed together our wet ingredients and added the browned butter until the mixture was a smooth texture. After adding the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients, we created small balls of dough and placed them onto parchment paper.

Cynthia Liu

This recipe was rather simple and time-efficient, as the longest step turned out to be browning the butter. The cookies themselves only took around 12 minutes per batch to make, including bake time.

To add some flair, we mixed together our remaining white chocolate chips and matcha powder to create a pastel green glaze. This cookie is packed with an earthy matcha flavor that is perfectly complemented by the sweetness of the white chocolate.

Cynthia Liu

Bonus: you can snack on white chocolate chips while waiting for the cookies to bake!

3. Taste-testing

Cynthia Liu

These matcha white chocolate cookies ended up being a huge hit with my friends! By the end of my club’s work session, all that was left of the four cookies I brought were mere crumbs.

Whether you’re searching for something to do next St. Patrick’s Day or looking to try a unique cookie recipe, try your hand at this recipe.