The creators of Awake Chocolate baked their first bar in a home kitchen in Ontario, Canada. Now, the product is sold all over the US and Canada. 

Adam Deremo, Matt Schnarr, and Dan Tzotzis were featured on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's hit show, Dragons' Den. The chocolate trio pitched their idea to five entrepreneurs, hoping to get an investment. Sound familiar?

Yeah it's pretty much Canada's version of Shark Tank

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Surina Mehta

So these three Canadians were thrust into success. Awake Chocolate is the product every non-coffee drinker has been looking for. Where products like 5-Hour Energy seem daunting and unhealthy, Awake Chocolate is a familiar treat with a caffeine boost. 

If you're like Buddy the Elf and not a fan of coffee, it's a great option for you.

Awake Chocolate is the way to wake up in the morning or to keep your energy going later in the day. Here's a few creative ideas to repurpose Awake Chocolate bars. 

1. Coat it

This chocolate melts down easily. It's not an exact science, but it does require some attention. Melt the chocolate down in a microwavable bowl for 15 seconds. Add a little bit of milk (dairy or dairy-free) and mix with a spoon, heat again for another 15 seconds. 

Heating in small increments is an important direction to follow because if the chocolate spends too much time in the microwave it will burn, ensuing sadness.

Chocolate Covered Bananas

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Jessica Citronberg

Chop bananas thick enough that a toothpick can substantially hold up. Freeze for at least an hour before dipping in the Awake Chocolate. 

Peanut Butter Balls

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Jessica Citronberg

Forming the peanut butter into balls is tricky at room temperature, so cooling off the jar in the freezer for 30 minutes may be helpful when molding the peanut butter balls. 

Scoop out the peanut butter with any size spoon, then put toothpicks in the peanut butter. Stick them in the freezer for an hour before dipping in the Awake Chocolate. 

2. Drink it

This option is best for people who don't like coffee. If you're really in the need of a caffeine boost in the morning, you can drink your caffeine like the rest of us normal people. 

Hot Chocolate

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Surina Mehta

Hot chocolate can often be watery, especially if you're using packets and hot water. If you're not shaving a little chocolate into your beverage already, you should. It gives you a thicker drink and you can taste the difference immediately. 

Step up your morning routine by chopping up your Awake Chocolate bar into your hot cocoa. 

3. Stuff it

Why not stuff some chocolate into your daily routine?

Chocolate Stuffed Cookies

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Surina Mehta

What better way to spice up your average Tollhouse cookie dough than with some chunks of caffeine? You can make your own cookie dough if you'd prefer, but I settled for buying dough. 

Flatten the dough and fold a piece of chocolate inside of it. You can leave it open or you can seal the piece of chocolate completely. 

Once those bad boys are out of the oven, you can even add a nice Awake Chocolate drizzle on top. Break them open for a nice chocolate delight.

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Surina Mehta

4. Eat it

If you're really in a rush and you don't have time to reincorporate Awake Chocolate into something else, you can just eat it. The company even has granola bars now, so it's the perfect grab-and-go breakfast.

Take a bite

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Surina Mehta

I think these bars are sensational as is, these repurposes are just fun. While these recipes are quite simple, there's nothing wrong with grabbing an Awake chocolate bar on a busy morning or sleepy afternoon.