If you live in a neighborhood that's anything like mine, every house gets competitive about who gives out the best candy. There's always one house that has a line down the street because they're giving out king size candy bars. But I'll let you in a secret this Halloween season: Target is selling exclusive candy and it'll have the neighborhood kids screaming. Here's all the Target Halloween candy you won't find anywhere else. 

M&M's Cookies and Screeem

M&M's are constantly under a microscope. As an avid M&M eater, I'm always looking for new flavors to surface on the shelves of drugstores. This new Halloween-inspired flavor is sold exclusively at Target. 

They have a dark chocolate shell, a white chocolate filling, and a white speckled exterior. If I do say so myself, these might give Caramel M&M's a run for their money in the addictiveness department. Pick up a bag for $3.19 and wow all your guests at your Halloween-themed party.

Reese's Peanut Butter Bats

Holiday shaped Reese's are so much more satisfying than regular Reese's. I'd rather have a heart or Christmas tree-shaped Reese's over a boring, old circle. We've already seen the pumpkin shaped Reese's, but those are so last year. 

Bats are all the new rage, at least for Reese's this season. You can get your hands on a bag of these sweets for $2.89 exclusively at Target. If you hurry there now, I heard from a little Halloween fairy that they are on sale. 

Dove Witches Mix

Dove is known for two things: perfectly smooth, creamy chocolate and the cute sayings inside of the packaging. The Halloween-version still has the chocolate part mastered, but we're all wondering what sayings might be on the side of the witches brew. Witch spells, maybe?

Dove is selling a "Witches Brew" that includes an even mix of milk chocolate and caramel filled chocolate. This is another one currently on sale, but are regularly $3.59 only at Target. 

SweetTarts Skulls and Bones 

SweetTarts Skulls and Bones mix gives me a little Dia de Los Muertos vibes. The skulls and bones are neon colors that light up the usual black and orange we are surrounded with on Halloween. 

These SweetTarts, only available at Target, are $2.69 and well worth the price. The packaging is so fun, there's no need to invest in a Halloween-themed candy bowl. 

Reese's Halloween Miniatures 

Reese's strikes again this Halloween. First bats and now Halloween-themed miniatures. The Reese's are packaged in Frankenstein, vampire and skeleton inspired foil. 

These Halloween inspired Reese's are a must have in your candy bowl this season. You can get a bag of them for $3.59 at Target. 

Target clearly has you covered on the candy front this season. So, go paint your face green, grab your vampire teeth and show us what you've got in the costume department this Halloween. Be safe and have a happy Halloween!