With Boston's food scene begging for more meatless options, Myers + Chang has all of the qualities of a local spot, but matched with countless options that account for almost every dietary restriction and allergy.

The menu at Myers + Chang has options to please even the pickiest eater, but there is a completely different menu containing allergy-friendly options. From vegetarian dumplings to perfectly-crispy brussel sprouts, each bite is flavorful and exciting.

Keep scrolling for a couple of my favorite dishes that will definitely make you want to clear your next Friday night just to try them for yourself!

Sweet Potato Chips + Kimchi Yogurt

Eliana Tallarida

You had me at Kimchi yogurt. The sweet potato is good in all of its forms, but I am definitely partial to the sweet potato chip. Plus, the kimchi yogurt dip was creamy, but had the distinct flavor and kick of kimchi. To top it off, they came in a takeout container, which was a win for presentation in my book.

Crispy Marinated Tofu Bao

Eliana Tallarida

Let's be honest, tofu is an important source of protein for any vegetarian diet, but that doesn't mean it needs to be boring. Myer + Chang's crispy marinated tofu bao hit all the marks: crispy, flavorful, not too spicy, and a fluffy bun. Before I dove into this bao, I wished there were two, but honestly this singular bao was so delicious and filling that I was satisfied with just the one. The only downside to this bao is it was especially spicy, and I even ordered the mild version. 

Curry Sweet Potato Dumplings

Eliana Tallarida

These dumplings were hands-down my favorite part of the meal. An unconventional take on the dumpling, these open-faced sweet potato curry dumpling was as flavorful as they were hot. The curry was spicy, but not overwhelmingly so -- a major plus since I had already gone through two pitchers of tea after the bao bun. I tried slowing down and eating them in small bites, but they tasted just as good in one bite!

Myers + Chang was a flavorful experience that would satisfy even the pickiest eater. At a time in Boston where the easiest way to find good vegetarian options is through a chain like Dig Inn or by.Chloe, Myers + Chang stands out as a place where all allergies and food preferences are welcome and even encouraged. My stomach is full and I've officially found my new favorite vegetarian-friendly spot. Check out their menu here for more delicious options!