Picture-perfect plates, sweet and savory flavor blends, and cup after cup of coffee all make brunch the ideal midmorning meal to refresh and recharge after a night out. Here in Gainesville, afternoon restaurant is the epitome of brunch, achieving the lofty goal of making their food taste just as good as it looks — and it looks really, really good.

Sporting an inspired menu, a welcoming atmosphere, and an aesthetically pleasing signature flair, afternoon is sure to satisfy your cravings and your camera roll.

All About the Ambiance

Upon entering afternoon on a busy Sunday at 11 a.m., I was met with an open yet intimate interior, full of earthy tones, white accents, and a modern feel. The sleek wooden tables, natural lighting, and abundance of florals and greenery make the space especially welcoming and photogenic. Plus, the lattes come in these little pink glasses that just make them taste better than any mug could.

Afternoon's menu is enough to get your mouth watering, with brunch offerings ranging from savory plates like Shaksuka to sweet and fluffy homemade cinnamon buns. The coffee bar menu is just as enticing — from matcha tea lattes to ice lavender black tea to mocha steamers, there's something for every caffeine lover to down. 

After a look at the menu and afternoon's Instagram feed, the only thing left to do was, well, eat!

Sweet and Savory, oh my!

Crispy Potatoes

Gabriella Berardi

As the menu describes, these Crispy Potatoes feature scrambled eggs and roasted garlic, smothered with a delicious onion crema and finished off with lime and herbs. The eggs were cooked perfectly and the sauce added a delightful creaminess to the dish. This flavor combination — and I cannot stress this enough — is made exponentially more immaculate because of the crispiness of the potatoes. Seriously, the crisp is no joke. 

Dutch Baby
Gabriella Berardi

Let me first enlighten those who are not familiar with the term "Dutch Baby" (i.e., me before I looked it up). A Dutch Baby is basically a giant baked pancake-crepe-hybrid and is sometimes also called a German Pancake. Anyway, this Dutch Baby is described as a popover pancake, topped with fresh Florida oranges, maple syrup, and a touch of thyme — and it did not disappoint.

A citrusy sweet masterpiece, this dish was the best pancake-crepe-hybrid a person could ask for. Served with a generous helping of maple syrup and powdered sugar, the pancake came garnished with edible flower petals to add that signature aesthetic flair.

Poached Eggs

Gabriella Berardi

Just from the menu description of this one, I knew I was about to experience flavors I'd never experienced before: local Seminole pumpkin, brown butter hollandaise, and hazelnuts on corncakes. If the first dish was all about the crispiness, and the second was all about the citrus, then this third offering was all about the textures. The runny egg yolk with the crunchy hazelnuts and soft corncake confused my tastebuds in the best possible way. With a delicious hint of lemon and perfectly cooked pumpkin, this plate was wonderfully tasty.

Salted Caramel Latte

Gabriella Berardi

The cherry on top of this successful brunch outing was washing everything down with a latte. This latte, which I ordered hot and with oat milk, was far from your average cup of joe. I firmly believe that this exquisite salted caramel beverage is what a latte was intended to taste like — smooth, with just the right amount of sweetness and a delicate layer of foam that makes every sip a pleasure.

Afternoon Appreciation

To no one's surprise, my brunch company and I left our plates clean and our little pink cups empty. So, next time you get a craving for a weekend brunch outing, spend your afternoon at afternoon. Your tastebuds (and your Instagram feed) will thank you.