Although Snowdays in NYC is known for their shaved ice delicacies, they're also whipping up intense hot chocolate flavors. Matcha, peanut butter, mega white chocolate covered in Lucky Charms—who needs coffee and green tea when you can get buzzed off of sugar? They take “treat yo’ self” to the next level, combining decadence with the true art of dessertery (yes, I’m making that a word now).

The LEGENDARY Hot White Chocolate

Starting with a creamy white chocolate base, mountains of whipped cream are added until the liquid spills over the side. To top it off, the marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal are piled on the top, and all the artificial dyes from your childhood mix to create a unicorn-esque aesthetic. A drizzling of chocolate sauce is also available (but that might be overkill for me). 

As a child, my mother made me remove all the blue Lucky Charms from my cereal – thank goodness I’m 20, semi-independent, and able to eat whatever color Lucky Charms I like now. But Snowdays’ iconic blue cups only add to how Instagram-photogenic these hot chocolates are – they’re almost too beautiful to be sipped and sucked down in 20 minutes. Every drink is handmade and pairs well with furry boots and woolly scarves on a frigid New York day.

On their Instagram, Snowdays wrote this about the Lucky Charms drink: “Hot chocolate is a feel good song and the best ones make you dance.” To me, this hot chocolate is a mashup of “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard and the Aaron Carter version of “I Want Candy,” a remix of an all-star hot chocolate.

More Than Just a Hot Chocolate Joint

In addition to these hot chocolates, Snowdays is famous for their shaved ice, the Taiwanese version of ice cream. Similar to the rolled ice cream trend, shaved ice is rocking Instagram and Snapchat stories. And seeing how sugar is a serious (and underrated) addiction, all these fancy sweet crazes are fueling the creation of new ones.

Flavors of NY Cheesecake, Roasted Black Sesame, and Cookies & Milk topped with Pocky Sticks, Cap’n Crunch, and Nilla Wafers–it’s a work of art. I can’t even imagine the combined sugar intake of shaved ice cream and a Lucky Charms hot chocolate...

How To Get Your Sip Of The Drink

Snowdays is currently only located in NYC, but they are looking to expand through franchising. So with a little spare capital and a proclivity for the unnaturally sweet, you can open a sugar wonderland, too. Even in the 90 degree Florida heat, I'd take a Lucky Charms white hot chocolate any day.