One of the easiest desserts out there requires just two ingredients: milk and instant pudding mix. It's likely that you've used Jell-O mix on more than one occasion, maybe even in a variety of flavors or in Fourth-of-July banana pudding. 

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Jocelyn Hsu

But there is so much more to boxed gelatin than meets the eye. Here are nine ways to harness the culinary power that is instant pudding mix.

Create Customizable Cookie Flavors

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Santina Renzi

If you’re a fan of cookies but tired of the same old flavors, there’s a way to take your baking to the next level. By adding some pudding mix to your cookie batter, you can create your own, personalized cookie flavors. Using any flavor of Jell-O you want, this recipe tells you how you can use the powder to create endless combinations of cookie. Boring old sugar cookies, step aside. 

Make Candy Melts


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Not in a cookie mood? Try these pudding mix candy melts. Not only are they easy to make and wonderfully satisfying, but they are absolutely adorable. If you ever need a cute gift to bring somewhere, toss a handful of these into a baggie and tie with a bow. 

Make a Protein-Packed Dessert 

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Craving a jiggly dessert doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice your health goals; this recipe lets you retain your pudding and eat it, too. By combining Jell-O mix, protein powder, and a couple of other ingredients, you can make a delicious dessert and enjoy it guilt-free.

Give Jell-O Shots a Twist

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Chances are you’ve heard of Jell-O shots. But what about pudding shots? Whip up a batch of these creative, boozy treats to leave your party guests wanting more. 

Add Texture To Ice Cream 

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Rachel Kalichman

If you’ve ever tried making ice cream at home, you probably know how hard it is to get that perfectly creamy, smooth texture that some ice cream manufacturers seem to master. Worry no more - this recipe shows you how to harness the powers of instant pudding mix to achieve that creaminess you’ve always craved. 

Make Dairy-Free Pudding

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Katherine Baker

Not a fan of ice cream, or dairy of any sort? There’s still a way for you to enjoy the goodness that is instant pudding. While you may have noticed that boxes warn consumers the mix won’t set if made with soy milk, there’s a way around this. By adjusting just a few ingredients, you can still enjoy a milk-free version of the world’s easiest dessert. 

Make a Healthier Version of Your Favorite Pie 

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Jocelyn Hsu

Using a Sugar-Free, Fat-Free variation of lime Jell-O mix, you can create a better-for-you version of traditional key-lime pie. This recipe tells you how to do it.

 Moisten Cake 


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Many of us have gone on endless internet hunts to figure out how to make a cake that’s as soft and fluffy as our great grandma’s. This recipe makes it easy for you. No need to try out a thousand strange e-recommendations only to make a mess; this cake only needs one secret ingredient. 

Make Frosting 

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Finally, if you really want to up your baking game, you can use instant pudding mix to make frosting. Use it on cakes and cupcakes to effortlessly create a flavor that goes beyond traditional vanilla or buttercream

Instant Jell-O mix is truly a wonderful thing. Whether you’re craving something fruity, something creamy, or just want to get creative in the kitchen, instant Jell-O mix is the way to go.