So you just discovered you and your new roomie share a deep passion for wine—aka, you've just circumvented a horrible rooming situation and, instead, met your soulmate. What better way to bond than to spend some time with those empty bottles and making some DIY wine bottle crafts? Don't worry—these are stress-free, taking just long enough for you to comfortably put off that 10-page essay you've been meaning to start.

1. Lights

Need to add a moody touch to your room? Here's one of the simplest DIY wine bottle crafts. Throw some string lights into that bottle, and suddenly your space feels like a cozy cafe in like, Paris or somewhere equally artsy and romantic. It's all about the atmosphere, loves.

More of an artsy kinda person? Try to amp up the style with some paint. You can follow this super easy tutorial to learn how to paint on glass so it doesn't smudge everywhere, and then let your creativity flow.

2. Wine Bottle Vases

You don't even technically need to do anything for a wine bottle to become a vase—just plop some plants in there and enjoy the ~aesthetics~. If you want to get a little more intricate, you can stylize the vases as you please. Just remember to add water to your flowers! 

3. Jars

Another insane easy DIY wine bottle craft for the lazy creatives among us. Just clean that bad boy out for a super cute jar to hold smaller candies. You could even use it as a pantry container for your rice and beans. Bonus points if you're selfless enough to give this away as an edible gift.

4. Nail Tape Art

Again going a step further with paint, you can use nail tape to create colorful patterns on your bottle. Mix and match the background paint with a bunch of different shades of nail tape—go wild!

#SpoonTip: You can also use washi tape for this DIY.

5. Halloween Decor

Is it the spookiest time of the year? You can add some extra fright to your room by making some wicked wine bottles. There are a bunch of ways to go about this, but this video will give you a few fun ideas. 

6. Easter Decor

Easter is the season of pastels, which are perfect for adding a cute, soft vibe to your room. I personally always feel better when my space is filled with pretty colors, so fight the blues away with these fun Easter bottle ideas and be sure to enjoy some jelly beans, too.

7. Christmas Decor

If you're going home for the holidays, chances are you'll go through quite a bit of wine to deal with the questions of your "future plans." Stall those thoughts even further with these Christmas-themed DIY wine bottle crafts. They'll be sure to keep your spirits high through the cold winter. 

8. Chalkboard Message Bottles

How perfect is this? With these chalkboard wine bottles, you don't have to commit to a single design—doodle a tree, practice your calligraphy, write down little reminders, whatever! Just be careful with the chalkboard paint—there's a helpful video tutorial here.

9. Sand Art

If you go to college somewhere near a beach (or you just happen to have sand around for some unknown reason) you can make those adorable sand art bottles you probably did in kindergarten. So many colors, so many good beachy vibes.

Wine is a way of life, and now you can decorate your room to let everyone who comes in know what kind of person you are. Don't have any empty wine bottles yet? You and your roomie can find some hella cheap wines to empty over Netflix. Let these DIY wine bottle crafts bring happiness to your home.