What were some of your favorite childhood memories? Many people will answer playing in the sand, going to Disney World, and watching Nickelodeon, right? Well, if you are anything like us, your best memories involve your favorite childhood snacks.

There are so many different types of snacks we used to eat way back in the day that we were obsessed with; so obsessed, if our moms picked us up from school and didn't have some form of these in the car, the tears would start flowing...not dramatic at all, right? Let's take it back to the good old days! Here is a list of some of the childhood snacks that you might not have eaten in a long time. When you see them, they'll instantly transport you back into your childhood. 

1. Dunkaroos

Dunkaroos are our fave throwback snack. The little Dunkaroo packets had small cookies to dunk into a deliciously sweet vanilla or chocolate frosting. The frosting and the sprinkles were really what made this snack so exciting; it was like a little surprise that could be packed and taken on the go! We were sneaky little kids and would pack some extra snacks into our lunch boxes without our mothers knowing, and sometimes, it would consist of multiple Dunkaroos packets. We're not even sorry. PS: Make your own Dunkaroos frosting at home using this recipe!

2. Freeze Pops

Freeze pops, popsicles, ice pops, icees, or whatever you named them, were, and still are, the go-to summer snack. A day at summer camp wasn’t complete without your counselor pulling these icy treats out! These water-based snacks with colored liquid flavoring were the best things to cool down with. There were so many colors and flavors, we recall it was so hard to only choose one! Freeze pops ALWAYS caused a fight in every bunk we were ever a part of. The blue freeze pops were always the biggest hit and nobody wanted to be stuck with the purple one that tasted like gross medicine. Hands down the best part of this treat was that we could all have an impromptu sword fight.

3. Capri Suns

Capri Suns are a major throwback. These juices were so good and so easy to take on the go. The most memorable thing about Capri Suns is the packaging. We always struggled with opening those foiled pouches and not spilling the juice everywhere! We literally always ended up breaking every straw that came with them and poked a hole and drank it straight from the pouch. Who can relate? There used to be so many commercials on TV for Capri Suns (RESPECT THE POUCH!) and it always made us want to drink one. Nowadays, kids are forced to drink healthy juices and don’t know what a delicious invention Capri Suns are.

4. Go-Gurt

Woke up late and don’t have time to eat anything? Story of our life!!! There were so many times that we overslept and had to rush in the morning and had no time to to eat anything. Thank goodness for the creation of Yoplait Go-Gurts! This childhood favorite was so amazing because we could just squeeze the tube and magically, yogurt would come out. They were the easiest on-the-go snack to have when running late. Not only were they easy to carry around and get the calcium we needed, but they were extremely delicious.

5. Baby Bottle Pops

"Baby Bottle Pops, Baby Bottle Pops"...who else is singing along to this iconic commercial in their head? Although technically this isn’t a snack, this candy had to be included in a throwback. The Baby Bottle Pop was a must during our childhood. The combination of sweet and sour was amazing, not to mention we loved the post-BBP sugar rush that made us so hyper. They were always the highlight of a boring school day.

6. Fruit Roll-Ups

Fruit Roll-Ups are every little kid's dream snack...the most unhealthy, sugar-filled, and delicious snack. Whoever invented Fruit Roll-Ups made our childhood so much more enjoyable. Plus, Fruit Roll-Ups were part of our ultimate childhood game, which I’m sure everyone played at some point in their lives: with another friend, we each took a side of the Fruit Roll-Up and ate it without using our hands, and when the Roll-Up was nearing its end, whoever tapped out first lost the game. It brings back such good childhood memories.

7. Gushers

The best part about Gushers were counting how many of them came in a pack, because honestly we never knew. Sometimes it was 10, and sometimes we got lucky and got 15. Regardless, we never wanted the small portion of gushers to end. Blue, green, red...we could never pick a favorite flavor! Who else can relate to Gushers being the ultimate magnet? The minute we opened a pack, all our friends were immediately be our side asking for us to share. Sharing is caring, right?

8. Bugles

Bugles were by far the best snack to have in your house. These triangle, almost hat-like shaped chips were so delicious. As children, we remember always asking our moms to send us Bugles for a snack because we had an addiction to them. We loved playing with them by putting one chip on each finger. Oh, the innocence of children. These crunchy, savory chips were a must to have in the pantry. We could eat an entire bag of them and still crave more; they were that good!

9. Milano Cookies

Milano Cookies were, and still are, the best cookies to ever exist in the history of the universe. Opening a pack of Milano Cookies was like inviting a wolf pack to come eat with you; a rush of friends would soon be by your side, and suddenly, all the cookies were gone. Their vanilla cookies with the chocolate filling in the middle were IMPOSSIBLE to resist, so don’t even try to resist them now. You won't last one day!

#SpoonTip: You can make these at home! A fellow Spoon writer has the recipe for the best home-made Milano Cookies ever.

So did any of these childhood snacks totally take you back? With every bite of these snacks, we remember a different moment in our lives, and it makes us so happy. Maybe because out of the 5 senses, taste is by far our favorite! We should all continue making memories from the food we eat, because those are the best kind of memories, right? So, what were some of your favorite throwback snacks? We'd love to know!