I'm not going to lie, macarons are pretty difficult to make. Some macaron recipes hard to follow, but they are definitely worth it in the end. As soon as you bite into an airy and delicate macaron, you'll forget about the two hours you spent making them, or how much time it took you to get the consistency right, or how you checked the oven every five seconds to make sure everything is fine. 

Most, if not all, French bakeries sell macarons, which is great if you are craving them and don't have a few hours to spare. But if you want to try your hand at making them, check these macaron recipes out. 

Chocolate Raspberry Macarons

These dainty pink macarons are perfect for any occasion. Topped with some sprinkles and some raspberries for decoration, no one will be able to resist them.

Waffle Macarons

Want an excuse for eating macarons for breakfast? Try these waffle macarons that have a sweet surprise in the middle. 

Marble Macarons

If you want to try out your artistic and baking ability and experiment a little with food dye, get a hold of this recipe. 

Coffee Macarons

It's not exactly instant coffee, but for you coffee lovers, try these coffee macarons. 

Peppermint Twist Macarons

A recipe great for the holiday season and if you want a sweet and refreshing macaron. 

Pumpkin Spice Macarons

Sure, it's a little cliche, but pumpkin spice season is just around the corner and it's a perfect time to make these pumpkin spice macarons. 

Cookies and Cream Macarons

Oreos are eaten within seconds, and it's no different with these cookies and cream macarons. They're just too good to ignore.

No matter which macaron recipe you choose, remember it will all be worth it in the end. Just keep on whipping, cooking, and measuring. I wish you good luck.