Hot chocolate is a staple holiday beverage enjoyed worldwide. Over the years, several recipes have been created to spice up the classic hot chocolate. Besides the different spins we put on the classic recipe in America, other countries have created their own version of hot chocolate as well. Forget plain and simple hot cocoa — here's the ethnic dupe.

1. Champurrado

Champurrado is a traditional Mexican drink made during the winter holidays like Las Posadas. What makes this cup of cocoa unique is its chunky texture. The key ingredient is masa harina — Mexican dough used to make tortillas.

2) Tsokolate

Better known as the Filipino hot chocolate, Tsokolate is adored for its rich, grainy taste and froth. It is made from blocks of cacao known as tablea. The tablea are heated with milk and stirred until almost dissolved. The remaining chunks of tablea are whisked to create the grainy texture and froth.

3) Belgian Hot Chocolate

It would be unjust to not include a Belgian recipe in an article essentially about chocolate. This recipe is inspired by the renowned hot chocolate at the Wittier chocolatier in Brussels, Belgium. The trick to this recipe is the use of both bitter/semisweet chocolate AND milk chocolate.

4) Chai Hot Chocolate

India is known for its abundance of spices and flavors. It is evident in their classic chai tea that is made up of black tea, milk, and several spices. As predicted, an Indian chai hot chocolate consists of various spices like ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom. But what makes this recipe so unique you might ask? Two words: white chocolate.

5) Cioccolata Calda

Famous for its incredibly thick consistency, you're going to need a spoon for an Italian cioccolata calda. Similar to the Mexican champurrado, cornstarch is the key ingredient that gives this drink its thick and creamy texture. Accompany this drink with panettone or churros if you're doing it the Spanish way.

6) Colombian Hot Chocolate

Name a more iconic duo tha chocolate and cheese? I'll wait. This Colombian hot chocolate fuses two of the most loved delicacies in the world. Indulge in this sweet cocoa beverage with hidden surprises of gooey cheese. 

7) Hungarian Hot Chocolate

A simple hot chocolate recipe with a spicy twist. Sprinkle some Hungarian paprika, white pepper, and ground cloves to make a decadent Hungarian hot chocolate. Don't forget to whisk it for a frothy finish.