Big ol' barbecues and cookouts are summer staples that bring families and friends together. While everyone is used to grilling up the usual burgers and hot dogs, maybe even a steak or two, it's important to remember to throw some vegetables in the mix. Grilled vegetables can allow a barbecue reach to it's full potential. Grilling up some fresh veggies definitely adds some options for any vegetarians hanging at the cookout, or just as a side to go with your favorite classic meats! Here are seven vegetables to throw on the 'cue this summer that your guests will be raving about, even after the season has passed:

1. Corn

When you think of grilled vegetables, corn has got to be the first one to pop into your mind. It is one of those vegetables that's pretty much great no matter how it's cooked! And let me tell you, it is amazing when grilled. Grilled corn is pretty simple to make as long as you have butter and salt handy. But if you're looking for something different, here's a Cheddar Bacon Ranch Corn recipe that's worth trying. And really, has summer ever tasted better than with bacon, cheese and corn put together?! 

2. Eggplant

It seems like the only time we really think about eggplants is when we're chowing down some eggplant parmesan! Otherwise, the purplest of the veggie family can often become forgotten about. But let me tell you, grilled eggplant will absolutely blow your mind and you're likely to crave it all summer! This Grilled Marinated Eggplant is going to be all the rage at your next cook out. It's definitely what everyone is going to be talking about and everyone will want the recipe. 

3. Romaine Wedge

Salads are supposed to be served cold right? Wrong! This Grilled Romaine Caesar Wedge is exactly the kind of hot salad you need. As far as grilled vegetables go, this is such an easy one to make, and it adds a little something extra to an otherwise pretty boring vegetable. Everyone will appreciate your dedication to a full-on barbecue with your attention to detail in grilling literally everything. The only problem is, you're going to crave this salad even in the dead of winter!

4. Asparagus

Like Severus Snape, not many people actually like asparagus, which is kind of baffling because it's so good for you! They are an amazing source of Vitamin A, C, E, and K, as well as fiber. Grilling is one of the easiest and quickest ways to cook asparagus. If this is your first time preparing asparagus, this Grilled Parmesan Garlic Asparagus recipe is absolutely the way to go!

5. Onions 

Fact: onions taste amazing no matter how you cook them. There is really no way to go wrong when it comes to onions, unless you decided to eat them the way Bella Thorne has in this GIF. By grilling onions, they develop a sweet and smokey flavor while maintaining their signature crunch. This super easy Grilled Red Onions recipe will be perfect for all the burgers you'll probably be grilling as well!

6. Bell Peppers

Peppers are one of those grilled vegetables that can always be found on a kebab. But this Grilled Peppers with Goat Cheese recipe is exactly the variety you need at a barbecue. They are the perfect appetizers that every guest is sure to enjoy! Char these up and serve 'em as an appetizer so people have something to munch on while they wait for the rest of your grilled goods to hit the table!

7. Portobello Mushrooms

The flat shape of these mushrooms make them the perfect vegetable to be grilled! They are flavorful and can be used as a substitute for burgers. This Grilled Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms recipe is worth considering for your cookout. It's stuffed with flavor and yummy goodness, that will make your taste buds extremely happy. 

Enjoy these wonderful grilled vegetable recipes this summer, as they will definitely make your barbecue the talk of the town!