Sure, dousing a shot of alcohol is fun, but think about getting to eat your shot glass too. Not only would these recipes be fun to try making, but c'mon. Edible shot glasses. Drink up and enjoy!

Peppermint Shot Glass

Just think about how refreshing this shot glass would be. Minty and sweet, you can fill them with your favorite holiday cocktail, or even hot chocolate. 

Chocolate Shot Glass

Who doesn't love chocolate? The best thing about this recipe is chocolate is perfect for any occasion. So, do yourself a favor and get your hands on this recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot Glass

Honestly, I don't know if chocolate chip cookies would be great with alcohol, but I mean, milk is a great alternative. Check it here.

Oreo Shot Glass

The same premise as the chocolate chip cookie shot glass, but really, who cares? We're here for a good time. Get this oreo recipe here. 

Marshmallow Shot Glass

Out of all these shot glasses I have to say that this marshmallow one is my favorite. If you're a fan of smores just get a load of this recipe. 

Ice Shot Glass

Keep your drink chill with this ice shot glass recipe. Probably a little cold, but just wear some gloves or something. Ice eaters will know what to do. 

Ice Cream Cone Shot Glass

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream shot glasses. Catchy, yeah? I will personally use whipped cream for this recipe.